Audio: Drum Beats of War, Russia, China: Who Calls Shots?, Dr Alison Broinowski, War Powers Reform (Vol#221)

by Community VoicesMichael Lester, March 15, 2022

You may also listen here.

Dr Alison Broinowski, AM, president, Australians for war powers reform, former Australian diplomat, prolific writer and expert on Asian affairs discusses the long proposed legislative reforms that would require parliamentary discussion prior to commitment of Australian forces to international deployment rather than the existing powers conferred solely on the prime minister and constitutionally on the governor general as commander in chief. The Russian invasion of Ukraine gives the issue further topicality and adds to the building ‘drum beats of war’, escalating geo political tensions with china, the aukus nuclear submarine commitment, and big increases to the adf that augur a forthcoming khaki federal election.

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