Glen Ford: blistering indictment of the “Black misleadership class” and its support for U.S. imperialism

Published April 3, 2017

Remembering past wars … and
preventing future wars – was the topic of an outstanding panel at
New York University on April 3rd organized by David
, the director of World Beyond War and author of several books
on the subject including his latest, “War Is A Lie”.

Speakers included Joanne Sheehan,
Coordinator of War Resisters League New England;

Maria Santelli, executive director of
the Center on Conscience and War and founding director of the New
Mexico GI Rights Hotline;

Glen Ford, executive director of Black
Agenda Report;
and Alice Slater, NY Director of the
Nuclear Age Peace Foundation;In this segment, Black Agenda Report’s executive director, Glen Ford, presents a blistering indictment of what he calls the “Black misleadership class”. Riveting listening.WBAI radio’s Mitchel Cohen was there
and filed this report ….


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