World BEYOND War’s Privacy Policy

World BEYOND War is a nonprofit organization with paid and volunteer staff around the world, and a post office box in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. We strive to respect privacy rights as understood most expansively anywhere on earth. We welcome your inquiries and requests.

We use a contact relationship management system called Action Network, which is based in the United States, for our various petitions, pledges, letter campaigns, fundraising pages, and event ticket sales. We do not share, loan, give, or sell any data whatsoever from that system to any other organization. If we temporarily place any data in any documents outside of Action Network, we keep them secure. You are welcome to log into Action Network and review your data and make changes to it. You are welcome to ask us to add to, delete from, correct, or entirely remove your data. You can unsubscribe from all future emails at the bottom of any email we send out. Please read Action Network’s privacy policy here.

We occasionally promote online petitions with coalitions of organizations, which state that by signing those petitions you may be added to the email lists of specified organizations. If you do not want to be added to those lists, do not sign those petitions. If you do sign those petitions, you will be giving to those organizations only the information you choose to. We will not be sharing additional data with them.

We occasionally promote both online email actions and petitions. The former are actions that generate emails to one or more specified targets, in which case you are sharing your email address and any other information you provide with that target. We will not make public or otherwise share with anyone any related information. In contrast, in the case of petitions, these often publicly display names, general locations (such as city, region, nation, but not street address), and comments added by each petition signer. We offer an opportunity to sign such petitions anonymously. We will not share with anyone any data you have not chosen to make public.

Regarding street addresses, we do not send out hardcopy mail except to thank major donors.

Donations made online to World BEYOND War through our Action Network pages are processed by WePay. We never have and never will authorize any sharing of any related information with anyone. We ask donors’ permission before thanking them on our website, and you maintain the right to change your mind and ask for your name to be removed. We thank donors by name alone, with no additional information about them.

This website is a secure site created by World BEYOND War using open-source WordPress software and hosted by MayFirst, a company based in Brooklyn, NY, USA. When you post comments beneath articles on this website, we manually approve your first comment, after which the website remembers you and allows you to post additional comments. This is done using a plug-in called Akismet, and the details of how it works are here. If you do not want the website to remember you, do not post comments. You are also welcome to ask us to remove you from the website. Your information is not transferred from the website to our Action Network email list or to anywhere else, and is never loaned, given, sold, or traded to anyone.

We have used a number of systems for online courses through our website. These are self-contained, and information you enter into them is never loaned, given, sold, or traded to anyone.

We link to other companies, such as Teespring, to sell shirts and other merchandise. We do not extract any data from any of these to use in any way.

When you become involved in working on a project with World BEYOND War you may be asked to join a listserve hosted by another company, such as Google. We do not extract any data from those companies to use in any way. For the policies of such companies, please contact each company. For the policies of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites where World BEYOND War has pages, please contact those companies.

You should be aware that various governments, including the United States government, may illegally and immorally and without our knowledge or consent obtain data from online communications. We believe that one path toward ending such policies lies in ridding ourselves of the concept of “national enemy” that is used to excuse them.

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