How to Record a Video Statement

A video can be shot on any recording device held horizontally – this is very important so that the clip will be full screen and able to be used and viewed on multiple devices.

Be aware of the space in which you record – find a quiet space with little ambient noise and keep the recording device close (but no closer than framing from your chest up) so that the audio is recorded as well as possible.

Make sure the area is well-lit. Outdoors is great as long as there is not too much noise happening, otherwise, try for natural light indoors.

Shoot several versions in short clips so it will be easily editable.

Make your recording as personal as possible: what’s your connection, why do you support this program, how are you involved, why it’s important to you, how you think it will change the world, etc.

Avoid framing it as a Q&A style and instead speak as statements with full sentences.

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