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Organizations that have signed our peace pledge:

The Creative Compassion Centre Inc.
#TripForPeace – The Peace Salon
Progressive Democrats of America in Milwaukee County
Sugar Magnolia
Self-Sovereign Individual Project
Peace Team Forward
Network of Light
Upstate Against War and Militarism
Yuvsatta (youth for peace)
U. S. Friends of the Soviet People
Peace Coalition of Southern Illinois/FOR
Solidareca Bonvolo
Swedish Peace Council
Popular Resistance
Super Innovative Concepts, Inc.
On Behalf of Planet Earth
Red Line Art Works
Radiation Truth
Boulder Integral Healing Arts, LLC
Women Against Military Madness
Whanganui Positive Activists
Nuclear Free New York
Seattle Women In Black
Pax Christi Baltimore
Eloheh Village for Indigenous Leadership/Eloheh Farm & Seeds
Artha Sustainable Living Center
Canadian Peace Congress
Blue Sky Institute
Rehumanize International
Disclosure Network New York
Children and Young People Living for Peace
Fellowship of Reconciliation
Baghdad City of Peace Carnival
Pace e Bene and Campaign Nonviolence
Movement 4 Peoples Democracy
Disclosure Network New York
Zastrow Hendrickson
Women’s EcoPeace
Alaska Peace Center
Noiseless Everyday
Motvind Kulturlag
Association for integrated development Balochistan (AID
One Community Inc.
Green Action
Seven Generations Land Trust
Youth Association for Development
Pax Christi Metro New York
New Jersey Peace Action
Veterans For Peace Chapter 46 Monterey CA.
Canadian Peace Initiative
Canadian Friends Service Committee
Women Suffering In Silence Foundation Uganda (WSISFU)
Peace & Justice Center
CODEPINK Women for Peace, Golden Gate Chapter
Deutscher Freidenker-Verband
Heaping Piles
Psychotherapy resources of Norfolk, Ltd.
Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club
Vancouver Island Peace and Disarmament Network
Yemeni Alliance Committee
Dorchester People for Peace
Progressive Christian Ministries of Greater Atlanta Inc.

Studio Kaffeesatz
Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action
Namaya Productions
People’s Lobby Inc.
The Green Party of Monmouth County NJ
Los Alamos Study Group
Public Awareness Education Program – Sciences, Humanities and Global Bioethics

#Resist: Hillsborough County
21st Century Asian Arms Race
4acg : anciens appelés en Algérie et leurs amis contre la guerre. Translation enlisted veterans of the war in Algeria and their friends aganst war in Algeria
A Call 2Peace-multimedia events
A Call to Actions
Abbey Essene
Adirondack chapter 147 of Veterans For Peace,,Saratoga Springs N.Y.
Afghan Peace Volunteers
African Centre for Social Protectionand Reviews ACSPR
African Homestay and Safaris
agape namaste nyc
Aide-moi à Apprendre- Help me Learn
Aktion Freiheit statt Angst e.V.
Al Muqaddim: Women for Women Phase 2
Alaska Peace Center
Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice
All Together Now!
America for Nonviolence — Circles of Nonviolence Tour of the U.S.
American Action for Peace in Yemen
American-Muslim Friendship Foundations
Americans Who Tell the Truth
Anam Foundation for peace Building
Antifa Albury wodonga
Anutek Developments Inc
arbeitskreis für friedenspolitik – atomwaffenfreies europa e.v.
Arkansas Coalition for Peace and Justice
Associação internacional de Poetas
Association For Democratic Rights (Punjab)
Association for integrated Development Balochistan
Association for the Support of Grassroots Communities
baltimore non violent center
Banging Pipes
Bent Architect Theatre Co
Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists Social Justice Committee
Berkshire Citizens for Peace and Justice
Big Apple Coffee Party
Blackberry Community Farm
Bloomington Peace Action Coalition
Border Peace Presence El Paso, TX
Brand New Congress
Broome Tioga Green Party
Build A Better Planet
Bürger in Bewegung – fpr einbe andere Welt e.V. (Citizens Movement – for another world)
Byron Friends of Palestine
Cafe Progressive
California Department of Peace advocates work with the CDP
Campaign fo International Co-operation and Disarmament (CICD)
Campaign Nonviolence/Pace e Bene
Canadian Peace Initiative
Caribbean Labour Solidarity
Catholic Network
Center for Bangladesh Studies
Center on Terrorism, John Jay College, CUNY
Centre for Convention on Democratic Integrity
Centre for Indian Political Research and Analysis (CIPRA)
Centre for Youth and Development
CEO Pipe Organs/Golden Ponds Farm
Chapter 15 Veterans for Peace
Charlottesville Center for Peace & Justice
Chicago Chapter of VFP
Circumcision Resource Center
Citizens for Global Solutions
Citizens for Peace
Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions
Citizens for the Greater Good
Clear Path to Peace
Clear Water Vision
CND Cymru
Coalition for Grassroots Progress
Code Pink Golden Gate
Coffee House Teach-Ins
Cognitive Liberty
Colorado Citizens for Peace
Columbus Campaign for Arms Control
Come Home America
Comisión Ecuménica de Derechos Humanos
Community Rights Organization of Willits
Conflict Information Consortium
Confronting Endless War
Cornell Nuclear Disarmament Group
Council of Canadians
CT Peace and Solidarity Coalition
Det Nødvendige Seminarium
DFG-VK Bayern
Digileak Canada
Drake Safety Advocates
E. Wheeler
Earth Rights Institute
East and Central African Association for Indigenous Rights (ECAAIR)
Education Equals Making Community Connections
Education for Global Peace
Einheit Football Group
ENGAGE Global Action
Engaging Peace, Inc
Entheogenist League Of Kabbalists
Environmentalists Against War
Erie Benedictines for Peace
ethecon – Stiftung Ethik & Ökonomie
Eugene Catholic Worker
family mediation center, inc.
FEDA ( Femmes et Education des Adultes)
Fellowship of Reconciliation
Fifth Estate magazine
Fleurieu Communication
Florida Democratic League
Food Not Bombs
Food, Health, Lifestyle and Saving Planet Earth
Foundation for Women’s Empowerment in BiH
Fr. Charlie Mulholland Catholic Worker House
Franciscan Peace Connection
Fredsbevegelsen i Bodø
Friedensspirale e.V
Friends of Franz & Ben
From War to Peace
Fundación Educando Conseguimos Paz A.C.
Global Campaign for Peace Education
Global Exchange
Global Human Development, Inc.
Global Strategy of Nonviolence
Global Unity Harmony Foundation
Global Warming Is Real
Global Zero: DC Metro
Google Hrvatska
Gordon, Elias & Seely
Grandmothers for Peace International
Granny Peace Brigade, NY
Grassroots ACTION Whatcom
Gratitude to Water Catholic Workers
Gray Panthers of The East Bay
Gray Panthers, NYC Network
Greater Boston Alliance for 9/11 Truth & Justice
Greater New Haven Peace Council
Greek IPPNW affiliate
Guilford Peace Alliance
Heal yourself, Heal the World
Herbert Law
Hilton Head for Peace
Holy Cross International Justice Office
Hotel Blue
Human Rights Defenders Group
Humane Education Coalition
Indian Social Action Forum (INSAF)
Initiative of Order People for Peace
Int Ass of Educ for World Peace
Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center
International Center for Community Peace
International Institute on Peace Education
International Organization for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (EAFORD)
International Union for Land Value Taxation
International Youth Reformation Organization
Jaguar Ambassadors Gang
Jeannette Rankin Peace Center
Jewish Voice for Peace, Los Angeles
Joe Lopez Law
Just Peace Qld
Just Peace Queensland Inc.
KAIROS Puget Sound Coalition
Kalamazoo Nonviolent Opponents of War – KNOW
Kelowna Peace Group
Kinder Campus
Kitchel Family Organics (family farm)
Koch Truths
L.I.Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives
La Biósfera Reserve & Retreat
Law Offices of WiIlliam D. Black
Lawyers against the War
Learn with Grandma
life as art
Liga Internacional de Mujeres pro Paz y Libertad, Sección Costa Rica
Ligue Intrenationale des Femmes pour la Paix et la Liberté/ WILPF- France
Live LOVE and Prosper Society
Live Peace International
Living Earth Television NFP
Los Angeles Institute of Noetic Sciences
Love and Truth Inc.
LPAC – Louisville Peace Action Community
Make Wars History
Manhattan Holistic Chamber of Commerce
Marlene Tendler Yoga
Media Alliance
Miller Law
Mir Centre for Peace at Selkirk College
MLK Coalition of Greater Los Angeles
Montags Mahnwache fuer Frieden und Menschenrechte
Montagsmahnwache am Brandenburger Tor.
Monterey Peace and Justice Center
Movimiento Migrante Mesoamericano
Movimiento Todos Por La Paz
Mueller, Hinds & Associates
Mütter gegen den Krieg Berlin-Brandenburg
National Campaign For A Peace Tax Fund
National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee
Neighborhood Vigil for Peace and Justice
Neighbors East and West
Nevada Desert Experience
New Progressive Alliance
New world Agreement
New York Personal Injury Attorneys
No More Victims
Norman Peace and Jsutice Center
North American Climate,Conservation and Environment(NACCE)
North Coast Peace Group ‘Remembering and Healing’ Inc.
Northeast Iowa Peace and Justice Center, Inc.
Northwest Ohio Peace Coalition
Nukewatch/The Progressive Foundation
NYC Peace Museum
Office of Peace, Justice, and Ecological Integrity, Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth
Open Gate
Oregon Action Committee
Organization for Afghan War Victims
Original Plus / The Journal
Outward Bound Peace
Palo Alto Sangha
Pax Christi Australia
Pax Christi Metro New York
Pax Christi Seed Planters
Pax Christi USA
Pax Christi Western New York
Peabody Architects
Peace & Justice Center of Sonoma County
Peace & Justice Ministry of St. Cross Episcopal Church
Peace Academy at Liberty
Peace Action Montgomery
Peace Action of San Mateo Conty
Peace and Emergency Action for Earth, P.E.A.C.E. Inc
Peace Anonymous
Peace Boat
Peace Choice Uganda
Peace Depot
Peace Economy Project
Peace Fresno
Peace House
Peace Is Sexy
Peace Movement Aotearoa
Peace Panel Project
Peace Party
Peace Platform
Peace Production
Peace Roots
Peace Tent Pasadena
Peace with Justice
PeaceBuilders Community, Inc.
Peaceful Skies Coalition
Peacehome Campaigns Florida
Peninsula Peace & Justice Blue Hill
People for Nuclear Disarmament
People for Nuclear Disarmament, W.A.
Perpetual Peace Initiative
PeterCares House
Physicians for Social Responsibility – Kansas City
physicians for Social Responsibility/IPPNW
Piedmont Group of the Sierra Club
PIttman Dutton & Hellums
Popular Resistance of Mississippi
Postcards For Peace CIC
Progressive Democrats of America
Progressive Democrats of America Arizona
Progressive Democrats of the Santa Monica Mountains
Progressive Perspective
Quaker Grannies for Peace
Quaker House
Radio Free Your Mind
Reconciliation Peace Community of the Church of Reconciliation
Refuge Ministries of Tampa Bay/International
Resmini Law Offices
Restorative Solutions Maui
Restorative Solutions, Inc.
RJ Cooper & Associates, Inc.l
Rocky Mountain Peace & Justice Center, Boulder, CO
Rooms for PEACE
Rwenzori Trust for Community Development
Safer America
Savannah Peace Coalition
Save the Earth Cooperative & Save the Earth Foundation
SAW Concepts LLC
Scoop Independent News
Scottish Branch Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
Second Chance Freedom Foundation
Secret Scientist Society
SERPAZ- Serviço de Paz
Simple Awakening Tools
Sir Chhotu Ram Yuva Club
Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Society for Peace & Mutual Coexistence of Nigeria
Solar Irrigation horticultural Project
Soy Del Pueblo
Students United fro Nonviolence (SUN)
Suffolk Peace Network
Surrano Law Offices
Sustainable Future Solutions
Sv?t bez válek a násilí
Swedish Peace Council
System Change, not Climate Change!
T.R.I.B.E. Transformation/Realization/Inspiration/Belonging/Expression
Take a Breath
Temitope Motivational Foundation
ten thousand hands
The Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia
The Bountiful Path
The Center for Nonviolent Solutions
The Colorado Coalition for Prevention of Nuclear War
The Crosby Tea Rooms
The Educational Community, Inc.
The Joan Duffy Chapter of Veterans for Peace, Santa Fe, NM
The National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth (NNOMY)
The Network of Spiritual Progressives
The Oracle Insitute & Peace Pentagon HUB
The Peace Alliance
The Peace Intention
The Peace Poll
The Propagation Congregation
The Question Alliance
The Safeworld International Foundation (Safe World for Women)
The United Nations Association
The Wei
Threads of Peace
Top Cat Farm
Topanga Peace Alliance, MLK Coalition of Greater Los Angeles
Transformational Education Initiatives
Twin Cities Peace Campaign
U.S. Marijuana Party (NGO)
Unicorn Horn Inc.
UNIHO (Universal Humanitarian Organization)
Union County (NJ) Peace Council
United States Servas Inc
Uniting for Peace
US Peace Memorial Foundation
Ventura County Activists for Bernie Sanders 2020 #OurRevoluton
Veterans For Peace
Veterans For Peace – NYC Chapter 34
Veterans for peace -Chpt34 NYC
Veterans for Peace #109
Veterans For Peace #14 Gainesville Florida.
Veterans for Peace Chapt. 152
Veterans For Peace Chapter 035 Spokane
Veterans for Peace Charlottesville
Veterans for Peace Jax
Veterans For Peace Savannah Chapter 170
Veterans For Peace Woodstock, NY, chapter 058
Veterans for Peace, Chapter 099 Asheville
Veterans for Peace, Chapter 115
Veterans For Peace, Chapter 160, Hoa Binh, Vietnam
Veterans for Peace, Chapter 27, Twin Cities
Veterans for Peace, chapter 72
Veterans For Peace, East Bay Chapter 162
Veterans For Peace, Greater Seattle Chapter 92
Veterans For Peace, Linus Pauling Chapter
Veterans For Peace, Redwing, Minn.
Veterans For Peace, Sonoma County Chapter 71
Veterans For Peace, Tom Pettit Chaper 172
VFP chap#126-IWW-Humanist
VFP Chapter 141 Bandon, Oregon
View e.V. The View Society
War Orphans & Widows Development Centre
War Prevention Initiative
War Resisters League
Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility
Washington Truth in Recruiting
Watching Change Happen
We Rotary
Wellness Initiative Network
Welt ohne Kriege e.V. (German section of World Without Wars and Without Violence)
West Suburban Faith-Based Peace Coalition
Western NY Peace Center
Wettermark & Keith LLC
Wheaton Franciscans
White Rabbit Grove RDNA / Healing Line
Whitefeather Peace House
WILPF branch Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti
WILPF Denmark
WILPF–Democratic Republic of the Congo Section
WILPF-Bergen, Norway
Wise Free Thinkers & Skeptics
WNC Physicians for Social Responsibility
WNY Peace Center
Wolf ‘s Enterprises Human and Civil Rights Advocacy
Women International League for Peace and Freedom, Ghana section.
Women Rising Radio
Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom – St. Louis Branch
Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom – Qld
Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom – US Section
Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Corvallis, OR Branch
World 5.0
World Beyond War Hawaii
World Beyond War, Cameroon
World Citizens Association of Australia
World Peace Society
World Without Fear
World Youth Peace Organization
Youth Association for Development
yyyiran . dom


  1. A selfless and proactive initiative. We can all do more to have more peace worldwide and i need to start with me.
    hope to make some meaningful contributions.


  2. I am delighted to learn about so many peace organizations uniting for the goal of world peace. Most inspiring. Perhaps you can share with me why there is no listing for Global Article 9 Campaign for the Abolition of War? Global Article 9 from Osaka, Japan is working to make Article 9 of the Japanese Peace Constitution a viable reality in the constitutions of all nations globally. As you know Article 9 is a living document-in-action and has preserved peace in Japan for 68 years. Might it not be to your advantage to build upon what has been a proven role model for peace? Article 9 was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014. It is just now being recognized as the paradigm for a world without war.

  3. “Literacy For All Human Beings C.C.” I am against crime and cruelty towards all Human Beings.

  4. Proud to be part of this initiative to take action.

  5. Instead of spending for murder and destruction how about converting for education and health,as well as giving a better life for those in the third world.

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