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Aleck T Mabenge of Zimbabwe is a passionate poet who writes for the love of poetry and as a way to have his voice heard on a broad range of issues.

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When the Election Approaches

By Ngam Emmanuel, World BEYOND War, September 23, 2020 When the Election Approaches The Pharisee spends blank nights. Countless manipulative strategies spiraling the web of his corrupt mind. With messianic zeal this Sanctimonious political bootlicker combs countryside nooks in flashy

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The Wars of Assimilation

By Ngam Emmanuel, World BEYOND War, September 20, 2020 THE WARS OF ASSIMILATION Strong swift historical tidal waves Drifted captors ashore. Shipwrecked Cruel fate, imprisoned freedom Stupefied by sunny sandy beaches Flourish of virgin forest, Unearthed gems, rich oil wells

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