Ridiculous War: A Poem by Yurii Sheliazhenko

By Yurii Sheliazhenko, August 16, 2022


Ridiculous War

Too many fairy tales of war
For killers’ glory told.
This story of another sort:
How laughter made war stop.

Imagine life in times of dove
When peace in minds prevails.
United Earth embraced by love
And everyone are friends.

A couple of friends had wish insane
Divide and rule all lands.
So Anti put on East his name,
And Super got her West.

They signed peace treaty with a pledge
To leave alone each other
On Anti-people’s father-land
And Super-people’s land-mother.

Those Anti, Super – chosen dudes.
To them, obey and pay!
Ask humbly from your own tributes
Some means to live today.

They promise, promise you a lot
In words, fine coins, on paper.
You found that your soul is sold,
All souls are sold together.

Trust blindly, you belong to us.
If not, you enemy, weep!
The Super-people kick people’s asses
And Anti-people beat people.

Fellows tired of blood and gore
Instead of promised miracle.
They asked Anti what he’s for.
They said Super, she’s equal.

Facing good people, rulers went mad,
Called patriots be martyrs;
Super preemptively self-defended
From self-defense of Anti.

So Super-people and Anti-people
Turned armed and hating crowds:
Anti-heroes to kill and cripple,
Super-heroic liars.

Both armies marched to the war!
One soul on middle ground
Thought common sense need to return,
Set free enslaved crowds.

Both Super-crowd and Anti-crowd
Told to shoot, not stare…
A good joke made them all to laugh:
“War – super-anti-fair!”

People’s laughter shaken sky and land.
Fake gods of war were gone.
All people on Earth were friends again
Enjoying peace at home.

Too many fairy tales of war
For killers’ glory told.
But this one only have a worth:
How laughter made war stop.


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