Heading For Extinction meeting in New York City January 30 2020

WBW News & Action: War and Environment Video

New Video: Environment and War Martin Sheen has recorded a new video for World BEYOND War on the topic of war and the environment. Watch it! New Billboard Up in Milwaukee This billboard is up at the south-east corner of […]

WBW News & Action: The 3 Percent Plan to End Starvation

The 3 Percent Plan to End Starvation Never again need a human being lack the food to live. Never again need a single child or adult suffer the horrors of starvation. Hunger as a danger to anyone can be made […]

WBW News & Action: New Martin Sheen Video for World BEYOND War

Martin Sheen in New Video on Two Gravest Dangers Martin Sheen has just released a powerful new 11-minute video outlining the two biggest dangers the world faces. Do you think you know what they are? Here’s a great explanation you […]

WBW News & Action: No Drafts, No War Taxes, Yes a Future of Peace

End U.S. Draft Registration The U.S. government is going to either expand draft registration to young women (signing them up to be forced against their will to kill and die) in the name of “equal rights,” or it is going […]

WBW News & Action: How to Change the Mind of a War Supporter

How to Change the Mind of a War Supporter Believe it or not, most people can be persuaded by new information that war needs to be abolished. Not all people at all times. Irrationality exists; we’re aware. But the vast […]

WBW News & Action: Defunding War, Funding Peace

Giving Tuesday is Tomorrow! Giving Tuesday is tomorrow! It’s a global day of giving back to support the causes that are most dear to us. With membership in 175 countries worldwide, World BEYOND War is the leading global grassroots network […]

WBW News & Action: New Videos to End War

#NoWar2020: May 26-31, 2020 We’re converging on Ottawa this May 26-31 for #NoWar2020 to say NO to CANSEC, Canada’s biggest annual weapons expo. RSVP for our 5th annual global conference. #CancelCANSEC #GivingTuesday, December 3 #GivingTuesday is December 3, a global […]

WBW News & Action: The Consent of the Governed

Free Webinar on Nov 7: Civilian-Based Defense “Nonviolence reveals the true power relationship, which is that all governments rest on the consent of the governed and that consent can always be withdrawn.” Join us on November 7 from 8pm-9pm Eastern […]

WBW News & Action: Organizing Locally for a World BEYOND War

Organizing Locally for a World BEYOND War Did you know that most victims of drone wars remain unidentified? This month, our Central Florida chapter hosted a video presentation by WBW Board President Leah Bolger about the horrors of drone warfare. […]

WBW News & Action: Videos from #NoWar2019

NoWar2019 was held this past weekend in Ireland We had a fantastic conference and rally in Ireland, and you can watch the whole think on videos. You can use the videos for events. Watch and discuss them. Youtube playlist of […]