Founded in 2014, World BEYOND War (WBW) is a grassroots, global network of chapters and affiliates advocating for the abolition of the institution of war, and its replacement with a just and sustainable peace. Learn more about what it means to affiliate with the WBW network!

What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate is an existing entity with its own unique name, brand, and mission, distinct from World BEYOND War, such as Peace Brigades International – Canada or CODEPINK. Our organizations share a common mission of war abolition, and thus decide to partner together to amplify each others’ pro-peace/anti-war activities. In addition to cross-promotion, affiliation also means that we collaborate together on joint events and campaigns.

What We Offer

Affiliates are prominently listed on our website. We also maintain an affiliates email listserv to facilitate communication and collaboration among affiliates in the WBW network.

World BEYOND War provides our affiliates with educational resources, organizing training, technical help, and promotional assistance, such as the following:

Dos and Don’ts of Affiliation

  • DO share WBW’s vision for a peaceful end to all war
  • DO sign the organizational version of WBW’s Declaration of Peace
  • DO share WBW’s Declaration of Peace with your membership
  • DO post events to WBW’s global events map
  • DO send content and article submissions to WBW for promotion on our website, email newsletters, and social media channels
  • DO endorse and promote WBW’s annual conference
  • DO co-organize at least 1 joint event with WBW annually that amplifies one of WBW’s areas of focus (peace education, weapons divestment, close military bases)
  • DO send input to WBW for campaigns, petitions, collaborations, or other advice about how we can work together to grow the movement for peace
  • DON’T support war, violence, or other forms of cruelty
  • DON’T engage in partisan politics or electoral organizing, such as endorsing or opposing candidates for public office. Affiliates should not be registered as a political party or political organization, such as a U.S. 501c4.
  • DON’T have to fundraise for WBW (although donations are strongly encouraged!)

Interested in Affiliation?

The first step to affiliation is to sign the organizational version of WBW’s Declaration of Peace. Signing on means that your group agrees with our mission to nonviolently work towards the end to all war. After you sign, contact us to tell us more about your work and discuss opportunities for cross-promotion and collaboration.

Ending the institution of war will require a truly global effort that recognizes that militarism impacts every single person on earth. We are always eager to hear from other groups around the world, to publicize the issues impacting your communities, and to amplify your work for peace. Email us at to learn more about affiliation.


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