Canada exported over $21 million in military goods to Israel in 2022, including over $3 million in bombs, torpedoes, missiles, and other explosives.
Weapons companies across Canada are making a fortune off of the carnage in Gaza and the occupation of Palestine.
This is a call to action. It's time to stop letting these weapons companies profit off of the massacre of thousands of Palestinians.
Find a location near you, get friends and allies together, and interrupt their business as usual to demand they stop selling arms and military technology to Israel.

The Canada-Israel weapons trade is extremely secretive. This is an incomplete list of weapons companies involved in arming the Israeli military, and includes both manufacturing facilities and offices. Have more to add? Let us know by emailing us at 
Canadian data on 2022 military exports is available here.

Information on the weapons companies involved in arming the Israeli military listed in the map above:
Actuonix Motion Devices

The Israeli military uses a tear gas drone, the Innovations (DJI) Matrice 600, that includes Actuonix Motion Devices components.


Arconic produces vital goods used in military aircrafts – specifically, Boeing Apache Helicopters and Lockheed Martin F-35 Fighter Jets. Both are supplied to the Israeli military occupation, who routinely put them to use in aerial assaults on Gaza.


ATP makes software for F-35s. Lockheed Martin’s F35 fighter jets are routinely used in war crimes against Palestinian civilians and were used extensively in the Gaza bombardment of 2014 and 2021. Israel’s Ministry of defense made a $3bn deal in July to purchase another 25 F-35s.


BAE Systems provides weapon systems and components to the Israeli Air Force’s fleet of F-15, F-16, and F-35 fighter jets.

Bell Textron

Bell Textron Canada Ltd have a manufacturing and servicing plant for helicopters in Mirabel QC, and offices in Calgary. At least two models of their fighter helicopters are used by Israel’s air force.

Boeing / Jeppesen

Jeppesen is owned by Boeing, which is the world’s third-largest military company. It manufactures multiple weapon systems sold to the Israeli military that are routinely used in war crimes against Palestinian civilians, including fighter jets, attack helicopters, missiles, bombs, and precision-guided bomb kits.

Cyclone Manufacturing

Builds precision parts for Lockheed Martin’s F35s out of several GTA facilities.

General Dynamics

General Dynamics supplies the Israeli military with a wide variety of weapons, including various bombs. The company’s technologies are also integrated into Israel’s main weapon systems, including fighter jets and armored combat vehicles. Source.

General Dynamics Land Systems 

Provides components for armoured vehicles and other weapons systems to the Israeli military. 

GeoSpectrum Technologies (Canada)

GeoSpectrum is a subsidiary of Elbit. Elbit is Israel’s biggest military and arms company.


Heroux-Devtek owns APPH, which manufactures military technology and landing gear for Elbit’s drones. Elbit’s drones are routinely used to bomb and surveil Palestinians. 

Honeywell Aerospace

Has provided jet engines and related services to Israel’s Ministry of Defense, including to trainer fighter jet planes. 


Produces armoured vehicles and has supplied the government of Israel with more command and control units than any other supplier in history.

Kraken Robotics

Kraken supplies its KATFISH towed sonar system to Elbit Systems Ltd., Israel’s biggest weapons company.

L3 Harris

L3Harris components are integrated into multiple weapon systems used by the Israeli military, including Israel’s air-to-ground bombs as well as its main warplanes, battle tanks, and warships.


Supplied Israel with screening technologies used at several military checkpoints in occupied Palestinian territory. The company’s SafeView body scanner machines have been installed in the Qalandia, Bethlehem, and Sha’ar Efraim (Irtach) checkpoints in the occupied West Bank. In addition, SafeView and ProVision scanners have been installed in the Erez checkpoint in the Gaza Strip.

Lockheed Martin

The world’s largest military company. It manufactures multiple weapon systems that are routinely used in war crimes against Palestinian civilians including F35 fighter jets, warplanes used extensively in the Gaza bombardment of 2014 and 2021.

Magellan Aerospace

Magellan in Winnipeg manufactures “flight critical assemblies” to Lockheed Martin for production of their F-35 fighter jets.

Magellan’s Kitchener facility was awarded a multi-year contract in 2022 from Lockheed Martin for complex machined titanium components for all three variants of the F-35 aircraft.

F35s are routinely used in war crimes against Palestinian civilians and were used extensively in the Gaza bombardment of 2014 and 2021. Israel’s Ministry of defense made a $3bn deal in July to purchase another 25 F-35s.


Palantir has provided its AI predictive policing system to Israeli security forces to be used in its surveillance of the Palestinian civilian population in the occupied Palestinian territory. The system is intended to identify individuals who are deemed likely to launch “lone wolf” terrorist attacks and is used to justify their pre-emptive arrest.

The Royal Bank of Canada is a major investor in Palantir, with ownership of 2,380,700 shares as of June 30 2023.

Pratt and Whitney

A subsidiary of RTX, formerly Raytheon Technologies, Pratt & Whitney has a long history selling to Israel’s Ministry of Defense.

The Israeli Air Force has operated Pratt & Whitney-powered aircraft for more than 65 years. Pratt & Whitney currently has a 15-year contract with the IMOD to service the entire fleet of IAF F-15s and F-16s – the latter being the IAF’s most important fighter jet.

Additionally, Pratt & Whitney’s F135 engine powers the Lockheed Martin F35 fighter jet. The Israeli versions, known as F35I Adirs, are being used by the Israeli Air Force in its deadly bombing campaign of Gaza.

Pratt & Whitney’s Canadian subsidiary manufactures the PT6A turboprop engine that powers IAI’s Heron TP/Eitan drones. These combat drones can be armed with missiles, and Israel uses them in airstrikes, surveillance, intelligence gathering and target acquisition. Israel is using them in its current attack on Gaza.


The world’s second-largest military company, which manufactures missiles, bombs, components for fighter jets, and other weapon systems used by the Israeli military against Palestinian civilians.

Rheinmetall Canada

Rheinmetall is a partner of Elbit. Elbit is Israel’s biggest military and arms company.


An Israeli company specializing in high-tech security systems for fences and walls. Its perimeter intrusion detection system are installed in the West Bank and Gaza walls.

Top Aces

Top Aces provides “advanced adversary training” to air forces. They recently purchased 29 former Israeli fighter jets (F-16s).

Other companies in Canada that support the Israeli military:
Awz Ventures

Awz Ventures is a venture capital fund. For years, the company has poured investments—totalling at least $350 million—into high-tech companies that support the Israeli security industry. In 2021, Awz launched a start-up accelerator in Tel Aviv that partners with the Israeli Ministry of Defense’s research and development wing and other Israeli agencies, including intelligence agency Mossad, security agency Shin Bet, and the Israel Defense Force’s (IDF) elite cyber intelligence unit. Stephen Harper is a leading partner at the firm and president of its advisory committee.
More on Awz Ventures’ connections to the Israeli military in this Breach article.


Not a weapons company, but notable for their $500 million investment in Elbit, Israel’s largest military and arms company.


Zim is Israel’s largest shipping line & supplies weapons to the Israeli military.

Send an urgent message to demand Canada stop arming Israel and push for an immediate ceasefire to your Member of Parliament, the Prime Minister, and the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, International Trade, and Defense.

Updates on actions across the country

Demonstrators in Vancouver occupied Scotiabank downtown on November 9th. Scotia Bank holds the largest foreign share of Elbit Systems, Israel's largest arms manufacturer.

Activists covered the entrance to a Toronto weapons facility with 'blood splatters'. L3Harris makes vital components for many of the weapons systems used by the Israeli military, including the air-to-ground bombs falling on Gaza right now. Click on photo for more.

December 5 - A group of citizens gathered in front of the General Dynamics arms factory in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Quebec to denounce Canada's arms shipments to Israel.

Watch this excellent CBC news coverage of our blockade of INKAS, a Toronto company arming Israel. And thanks to this INKAS executive for letting us know our action worked so well: “this situation is causing our business to lose money, to lose profits”.

At the war memorial in London, Ontario - Ceasefire now! End Canadian arms sale to Israel.

Activists paid a visit to Leidos in Ottawa to let them know that we see them profiting off of the massacre of Palestinians. LEIDOS: #STOPARMINGISRAEL.

Activists installed a banner at a compound office for Lockheed Martin, Dept of National Defence & Victoria Shipyards. Click on photo for more info.

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