Israel’s assault on Gaza has killed some 20,000 Palestinians, injured more than 52,000, and displaced 85% of those living in the territory. UN experts in November warned of “a genocide in the making.”

For many who work in government, Canada’s virtually unconditional support for Israel is an affront to our sense of morality, and an outrage to our conscience.

The Canadian government has been slow to call for a ceasefire, and continues to back Israel by:

  • permitting arms sales to Israel;
  • subsidizing companies that manufacture components for weapons bought & used by Israel’s military;
  • supporting research & development activities with military & surveillance uses in cooperation with the Israeli government and Israeli companies;
  • providing Israel with military, police, intelligence, security and other assistance within the framework of the Canada-Israel Strategic Partnership.


What You Can Do

World BEYOND War is seeking to develop a more detailed understanding of the different ways in which Canada is aiding Israel’s war and occupation of Palestine and supporting Israeli apartheid.

If you are a public servant, member of the Canadian Armed Forces, private contractor, or anyone else with relevant information about Canada’s involvement in arming Israel, or its support to the Israeli military or commercial defense and surveillance technology sectors, we invite you to share it with us safely** and confidentially.

** No communication system is completely secure, but the following methods can help minimize the risk a tip will be tied to you.


How To Share Information Safely

If you wish to share a tip:

Do not use your work computer, phone, printer, wifi network or email account.

  • Send the tip by mail:
    World BEYOND WAR
    P.O. Box 152
    Toronto PO E, ON
    M6H 4E2

    Do not include your name or a return address on the envelope or document.

  • Message us on Signal+1 (437) 552-0550
    If you send us a Signal message we will know the phone number you send it from. We will do everything within our power to keep it confidential, but that power is not unlimited. On the plus side, contacting us this way will allow us to follow up with you.

  • Email is NOT a secure way to send information anonymously. However, if you wish to, you can email us:
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