World BEYOND War Gets Its Own 501c3

By World BEYOND War, September 30, 2021

We are excited to announce that just days ago we were approved in the U.S. by the IRS for our own independent charitable 501(c)(3) status! This is big news for our small team as we continue to grow and expand. We are incredibly grateful to our fiscal sponsor Alliance for Global Justice (through which we had 501c3 status as a fiscal project) for supporting us over the last several years, but we are ready to take the leap and go out on our own.

Doing this feels a little risky, but by eliminating our fiscal agent, every dollar donated will go directly to us. With lower overhead costs and more financial autonomy, we feel we will better serve and further our mission to end all war. We are hopeful that this status will open new doors to fundraising opportunities and securing grants along with making critical global connections to move public policy and change minds about our collective reliance on war and militarism (this will include groups and coalitions affiliated with the United Nations).

While this tax-exempt charitable status is only specific to the United States, we are also currently in the process of applying for charitable status in Canada and then looking to the rest of the world! Doing this will ensure a truly global movement working together to abolish war and replace it with a just and sustainable peace.

Things to note for any future donations you’ll make to WBW:

  • Our new EIN for your U.S. tax exempt donations is 23-7217029
  • If you send us a check, you should no longer include AFGJ on the check. From here on out, please make checks payable to “World BEYOND War.”
  • Our mailing address remains the same: World BEYOND War 513 E Main St #1484, Charlottesville, VA 22902 USA
  • Online donations (via Action Network and PayPal) can still be made here:
  • We are setting up our charitable status on Facebook so that you can help support WBW as part of your birthday and other celebratory fundraisers so please check out our Facebook page in a week or so:

We are so glad that you’re part of the movement to end war and thankful for your on-going support of WBW which helped get us to this place of organizational growth. Onward and upward.

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