Why I Love Terrorists

By Prince Ea.

It seems like wherever we go we can’t escape conversation, media, or general fear of terrorists. In this video I share why I love terrorists and why I think we should all shift the way we think about terrorists.

For more information on mindful solutions to end terrorism, check out my friends at Uplift : https://goo.gl/acYuta



  1. Your argument assumes that terrorism is driven by poverty; it isn’t. The greatest terrorist threats we face are driven by religious or ethnic ideology. Giving them food won’t make a difference.

    This argument also incorrectly assumes that soldiers who defend us against those who are trying to harm innocents must hate their enemy. See https://www.ausa.org/articles/know-thy-enemy

  2. Regardless of causes for terrorism, it’s true that everyone loses when we dehumanize terrorists. You make this point well at the link you included, Pete. However, the path of nonviolence goes a bit further, providing solutions to end war, like Unarmed Civilian Protection and the methods laid out in “A Global Security System.”

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