Welcome, New Chapter / Affiliate

Thank you for affiliating your existing organization or beginning to create a new one. We will be linking to you on our website and emailing everyone in your location on our list to ask them to join. Here are some next steps.

  1. Contact us to introduce yourself, using the form below. Let us know how we can help you plan events and activities.
  2. Sign on as an organization to the peace pledge.
  3. Sign all members on as individuals to the peace pledge.
  4. Use flyers and signup sheets. When they’re filled out, you can type them into the website or email them to info [AT] worldbeyondwar.org or mail them to World Beyond War PO Box 1484 Charlottesville VA 22902 USA.
  5. Use event resources, and let us know to promote your events.
  6. Identify yourselves as World Beyond War using materials of your own making or our sky blue scarves, or our banners, buttons, shirts, hats, stickers, bags, cups, etc. (Let us know if you need materials in other languages.) Other kinds of shirts are here. To save on postage, make your own shirts and banners using these graphics.
  7. Join in any of these projects.
  8. Promote these online actions.
  9. Send us reports on your work, articles and photos and videos to publish.
  10. Work with us to jointly fund a local billboard.
  11. Send us ideas for campaigns, petitions, international collaborations, or any other advice or suggestions.

WBW will provide you all the assistance we can, including promoting your antiwar and relevant events through our email list, newsletters, and website. As an organization that embraces inclusion and diversity, WBW recognizes and welcomes all religious denominations and political organizations who share our mission to end war. WBW, however, does not endorse any particular religion or political party. And we ask that you never support war or violence or other forms of cruelty.

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