VIDEO: Webinar: In Conversation with Máiread Maguire

By World BEYOND War Ireland, March 10, 2022

The fourth in this series of five conversations “Bearing Witness to the Realities and Consequences of War” with Máiread Maguire, hosted by World BEYOND War Ireland.

Máiread Maguire is a Nobel Peace Laureate (1976) who, together with Betty Williams and Ciaran McKeown, organised massive peace demonstrations appealing for an end to the bloodshed in Northern Ireland, and a nonviolent solution to the conflict. Together, the three co-founded the Peace People, a movement committed to building a just and nonviolent society in Northern Ireland. In 1976 Máiread, together with Betty Williams, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their actions to help bring about peace and put an end to the violence arising out of the ethnic/political conflict in their native Northern Ireland. Since receiving the Nobel Peace prize, Máiread has continued to work to promote dialogue, peace and disarmament both in Northern Ireland and around the world.

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