VIDEO: Webinar: In Conversation With Lara Marlowe

By World BEYOND War Ireland, February 25, 2022

The second in this series of five conversations: “Bearing Witness to the Realities and Consequences of War” with Lara Marlowe, hosted by World BEYOND War Ireland.

Californian born Lara Marlowe began her career in journalism as an associate producer for CBS’s ’60 Minutes’ programme, then covered the Arab world from Beirut for the Financial Times and TIME magazine.

She joined The Irish Times as Paris correspondent in 1996 and returned to Paris in 2013 serving as Washington correspondent during the first Obama administration. She is the author of the recently published Love in a Time of War; My Years with Robert Fisk (2021) and The Things I’ve Seen: Nine Lives of A Foreign Correspondent (2010) and Painted with Words (2011).

Lara Marlowe has seen war in all its horrors: things very few of us living in the West have seen. In this conversation she shares with us some of the things she has seen.

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