Video: Everyday Peacebuilding and Truth & Reconciliation in Canada

By World BEYOND War, February 16, 2023

On this webinar, participants discussed peacebuilding, mediation, and Indigenous relations in Canada with Lorelei Higgins, a Métis Canadian Cultural Mediator, Rotary Peace Fellow, Rotary Positive Peace Activator and an Indigenous Relations Strategist. She is also Mrs. Canada Globe 2022. Lorelei leads conflict transformation projects globally, with a focus on Indigenous human rights.

Lorelei Higgins’ work bridges the divide between peace work, Indigenous relations and reconciliation in Canada, and mediation across borders. What can we learn about truth and reconciliation from mediation work? What is everyday peacebuilding? What kind of peace work do we need to do within Canada’s borders? Join us to discuss the intersections of these topics and more.

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