Video: Bahrain 10 Years After

By World BEYOND War, February 13, 2021

10 years after the Bahraini government violently cracked down on mass pro-democracy protests in February 2011, the country remains riven by levels of unrest, political crisis, and human rights violations. Bahrainis continue to protest and demonstrate almost nightly, continuing their calls for greater political and economic freedoms as well as greater respect for human, civil, and political rights. The government continues to meet these demonstrations with force and violence, arresting dissidents and critics, and filling jails with peaceful protesters. These moves by the government have not led to sustainable peace, but have helped fuel dissatisfaction among many. After four years of the Trump administration’s total disregard for human rights in U.S. policy toward Bahrain, this panel discusses what steps Congress and Biden’s administration should take to address the ongoing crisis in Bahrain. The panel addresses the efforts to release political prisoners and end the culture of impunity in the country. In addition, the panel addresses ways to pressure the Biden administration to end U.S. military support for the Bahraini government.
Panelists: Husain Abdulla, Ali Mushaima, Medea Benjamin, and Barbara Wien
Moderator: David Swanson

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