Say No to War! Veterans for Peace urge US exit from wars, military actions abroad

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  1. I have a question. I totally agree with our troops remaining on American soil. I am a University student, and geographically there are so many unstable areas abroad. Is there a better way to stabilize these volatile regions? Obviously giving the regions weapons is not working.
    Since your organization has prior experience with conflict, I am curious as to if there are choices the government is ignoring.

    Thank you,

    Angela Ferrari

    1. Here in the UK we are constantly being told that we have to keep all the people working in the Arms Industry at work so they can afford to live and look after their families, this has to be the most immoral reason for continuing to kill people in wars.

  2. Please President Obama, If you have any control over America Get away from the Zionist Bankers in America that are demanding you bomb and plunder so many countries since ww2 Reclaim America as JFK would have done if it were not for his Assassination by the then Government.
    The American people and the world need this NOW!Make you Presidency mean something.

  3. OUI stop à toutes les guerres et donnons une chance à toute l’humanité de se libérer de toutes les conditionnements , endoctrinements , peurs basés sur de fausses croyances et manipulations qui servent à justifier celles-ci alors que les seuls “intérêts” qui en découlent ne servent qu’à enrichir un peu plus encore toujours le même petit groupe d’individus qui les a sciemment commanditées dans ce seul but !

  4. If war solved problems, why are we still having problems with other countries and other NGO operations like Taliban and ISIS?

    It is clear to me that war is simply a “knee jerk” reaction to some governmental or group that is doing something we dislike and we feel the need to do SOMETHING. That “something” is always war and WAR DOES NOT WORK TO SOLVE PROBLEMS!

  5. Wars will end when young people refuse to serve and those already in the mire refuse to serve based on conscience and the Nuremberg principles.

    Killing is murder period.

  6. I saw much of the devastation caused by WWII. The war itself solved nothing. Israel got to do as it pleased and the Zionists running the U.S., Britain and much of Europe have been able to create more and more havoc in the world by getting the US and other foolish nations to fight on Israel’s behalf. Peace can never be achieved at the end of a gun. The US Government needs to tell Israel to go do its own dirty deeds in the Middle East. As to the so-called civil war in Syria, what business is it of the U.S. Why are they paying for the mercenaries, other than trying to clear the way for Israel to take over more territory. Putin was right when he said that the fate of Assad must be decided by the Syrian people, not by outsiders. How would the U.S. like it if another country continually interfered in its domestic and foreign affairs. The U.S. especially needs to become a much friendlier nation. Wars solve nothing. The only thing they do is to make the rich richer and the powerful more powerful. So let them do the fighting. Perhaps now we know why the US has created so many wars.

  7. Yes, the Viet Nam disaster persists. The lessons leaned there were neglected and the present disaster in the Middle East, Afghan, Syria and the Refugee crisis are all predictably related to the Afghan invasion and later the Preemptive War in Iraq, all calculated to enmesh us in that area to protect Israel who continues to imprison the Palestinians after 67 years denying them human and civl rights.

  8. It seems that we are always fighting in a war somewhere. There is always a reason or excuse to kill people somewhere. I understand protecting our own country but it seems that we always fight over seas. They meaning the people who decide who we meaning US are going to destroy and kill this year is just getting old. But it always seems we are protecting our interest somewhere in the world. People are tired of war and fighting over seas. After a while the public should just throw their hands up in the air and say enough is enough.

  9. It obviously matters not that the majority of folks in this country are tired of warfare and its needless consequences. However, the military industrial complex makes billions, if not trillions, killing people, so it continues.
    Money is the ruin of everything.

  10. Our rich and powerful are our real rulers. They are very much addicted to their riches and power and not about to give up any of it. Peace and prosperity mutually promote each other. If we could diverts some of what we spend on military aid to humanitarian and economic development aid, it should help. Our Military Industrial Complex firms and their shareholders and high executives are among our richest and most powerful. It might be possible to find other more constructive products for them to make for our national government and substitute contracts for making those products instead of weapons, but they can NOT be deprived of those fat juicy contracts–all that can be done is to substitute contracts for more constructive products for contracts to make weapons.

  11. From a Veteran to All my Fellow Veterans, let’s request an end to all Wars! Wars is NOT a Solution, it never was. Let’s find better ways, and All Nations must be involved to achieve this goal.

  12. As compassionate humans, our moral duty is to help the helpless and stablilize volatile regions. But this is our role, not the military’s, not our government’s. Congress may call on the milita “to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions” (US Constitution, Art. I, Sect. 8, par. 15), not to police the world. Want to export peace and spread stability? Bomb them with food, bomb them with medicine, bomb them with education and ideas. Our best weapon is commerce, and groups like the Peace Corps, Doctors Without Borders, Heifer International and Amnesty International. This is how we must fight our wars.

  13. I think we need to get Congress to admit their allegiance to the Zionists first. Then get them to get the Zionists out of our media. Our free press is full of rich fifth estate Zionists that run our political agenda’s for Israel. Once they’re removed, we could have a realistic, actual-democratic election, not all these silly puppets we’re forced to listen, and vote for. Look at Hillary Clinton even, once she became Secretary of State, she played nuclear blackmail like all the rest of bozos in office with our ‘holy nuclear’ weapons over Iran. No one is sane in our government.

    1. I completely agree with Robert Richard’s comments. Personally, I believe that Zionism is the greatest danger to peace and mankind. AIPAC has far too great a hold on the US politicians. You have a two-party system in the US that both listen to the same masters. It doesn’t matter who you vote for. AIPAC and your CFR want war, and it is they who rule your nation. Your politicians are simply puppets for the big boys who actually have the power. Right now you have Putin with his 50 billion dollar defense budget actually bombing ISIS for real. Not the phony pretense of the American Government. They and Israel protect the mercenaries in Syria by air-dropping food and supplies for them. America with its defense (that should be offense) budget of around 700 billion never had any intention of fighting ISIS. You are getting lied to continually, You are going to be voting in the next election for another Zionist ass kisser. The by the people, for the people slogan is a cruel joke, for you are never considered for anything other than canon fodder by your corrupt Government. Let them know how you feel and refuse to be a part of any more of their illegal wars. You are not being invaded by anyone, so stay the hell out of other countries. No other country, and that includes Russia, is hurting the US.

  14. Hi!, my name is Craig & I am a volunteer at the William Thomas Memorial Peace Vigil across the street from the White House, in Washington, DC. Our leader, Philipos, does over 100 hours a week at the vigil. If you are close to DC, can we talk? – – – Blessings to your cause –

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