Military Spending | Foreign Policy Primer For U.S. Congressional Candidates

By, March 9, 2022

This RootsAction Zoom call from Tuesday, March 8th is the second in a series of events for the recently released RootsAction Education Fund Foreign Policy Primer for U.S. Congressional Candidates.

Download the complete foreign policy primer here:

Hosted by Ryan Black of RootsAction and ProgressiveHub, guests Lindsay Koshgarian of the National Priorities Project, David Swanson of RootsAction and World BEYOND War, and Khury Petersen-Smith, Middle East Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies explore and discuss out-of-control Pentagon spending and the military budget.

We also address why it is so important (and beneficial) for candidates to understand how military money is being spent, and how they can best communicate the need to cut the military budget and use that money in ways that can actually help people.





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