Challenging Canada’s War Plane Purchase

By World BEYOND War, October 16, 2020

On October 15, 2020, World BEYOND War and Canadian Foreign Policy Institute hosted a webinar with NDP MP Randall Garrison, Green Party MP Paul Manly, Senator Marilou McPhedran, poet, activist and King’s College professor El Jones, and researcher and activist Tamara Lorincz about the social, ecological, and economic impact of Canada’s plan to purchase new fighter jets. Are 88 new cutting-edge fighter jets required to protect Canadians? Or are they designed to enhance the air force’s ability to join belligerent U.S. and NATO wars? How has Canada employed fighter jets in the past? What are the climate impacts of these jets? What else could the $19 billion be used for? This webinar was organized by the Canadian Foreign Policy Institute and World BEYOND War, and co-sponsored by Peace Quest. Canadian Dimension was the media sponsor for this event.

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  1. YES! To Canada: When Grampa Refused to Fight in The Vietnam War is a newly published book for youth –and people of all ages — about those draft resisters and army deserters who chose Canada, and the support they received from thousands of ordinary Canadians.

    Kindly share the link to the website widely.
    Thank you! and thank you for your work for peace

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