Mandy Patinkin Wants Us To Exercise Our Humanity

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  1. It was the US destruction of Iraq which began the refugee crisis in the Middle East. In fact, minus the US wars since 2001 you would not have the refugee crisis. So it’s not just a matter of taking in refugees. It is a matter of stopping the wars, and particularly stopping the obscene doctrines of obscene change and “preemptive” war that the neocons have foisted on this country. Refugees, the worst refugee crisis since World War Two, is a direct by-product of US elective wars.

  2. That should read “regime change.” Who gave the US the right to go into countries at will and wage war in order to change their governments? It is the height of arrogance. As long as you have neocons in both parties supporting “regime change” wherever, we will have a refugee crisis and ever increasing chaos. Oh, but the arms dealers make out like bandits. And arms seems to be the only thing we manufacture any more.

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