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  1. The US has concentrated on the enemy with the result that we continually are attacking nations and creating bad Karma for the US. Now we really hit the jack pot by attacking Iraq and awakening the muslin factions that oppose each other plus got Iraqis fighting us. A true case of making enemies when there was none.

    I do not know how to turn this around as I am a watcher of these events and not a major player in the game.

  2. HEllo David
    Thankyou again for this wonderful panel examining a range of issues related to the warfare mindset. You are a brilliant thinker/writer/speaker and you are doing a good job of organising courageous intelligent individuals who are speaking truth about the abuse of power by the military, industrial political complex. (legal, technological, scientific, academic, media and entertainment industries etc.the whole multinational corporate domination of our collective consciousness)
    It seems many people realise what is happening but not many are organising such a valuable campaign platform to awaken and mobilise Americans around this new vision of freedom and liberation from the warfare endoctrination.

    It is great to see Alice Slater (what a great laugh) who I met at Abolition 2000 conference in Edinburgh and at the NPT in Geneva 2013.It is hard to believe that the NPT was not reported in the New York Times. The hope certainly is in spreading these conversations.
    I am totally reinspired to continue my lifetime work which is currently with the New Zealand Peace Foundation who is organising ‘World Without War-Action for Peace’conference 19/20 Sept.(sorry they did not have funds for overseas speakers like yourself).

    You articulate exactly my own understanding of the situation and I hope to be able to raise funds in the future for you to bring the message to NZ.
    Kind regards Laurie Ross

    Kind regards Laurie Ross

  3. Nonviolence or nonexistence! We will be celebrating Independence from the US Day in Australia on 4 July. Thank you for your peacework.

  4. War is the stupidest activity that man can engage in. War is a result of failure of communication. War is a result of greed. War is big business. War is stupid. People who engage in war are stupid. People who profit from war are criminals and should be exterminated from the human race.

    1. We, as a society of civilized men should recognize the ridiculous folly of war. We all should realize that people, all people, want essentially the same basic things. We must recognize the fact that the society of mankind can advance only through co-operation and collaboration. We must learn the lesson of the ages, that a handful of mentally diseased among us, sociopaths and psychopaths, have for centuries managed to manipulate the rest of us for their own selfish benefit. Kings, bankers, corporate interests, politicians, religious organizations, megalomaniacs, profiteers, land owners and the greedy have for centuries managed to keep the people ignorant and divided, fighting among ourselves. This must end. We must recognize who the enemy is and shun them from our society. We must identify who it is that profits and remove them from the social order, cast them out, eliminate their role in future society, and redeem the riches they have plundered. The time to start is now. We must seize the social institutions and governmental agencies that are being used against us if we are to ever see man be truly free.

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