David Swanson on Global Connections Television

By Global Connections Television, June 30, 2024

David Swanson, author, activist, journalist, and radio host, is executive director of WorldBeyondWar.org and campaign coordinator for RootsAction.org. His latest book is: “NATO: What You Need to Know.” NATO, which is approaching its 75th Anniversary, is not the UN or a stand-alone nation. Swanson suggest that NATO not pursue destructive arms races, an irrational fear of Russia and a democratic military force to abide by international treaties, work with the UN, reduce the arms race, and promote international understanding. In the Israeli-Hamasa War, it is critical to stop providing unlimited numbers of weapons by the US and other participants. The recent Biden proposal, which has been rejected by Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, will be futile until the flow of weapons is halted. The military-industrial-academic-Congressional-media complex is completely out of control and has taken over US society. Over $2 trillion is spent on the arms race internationally.


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