Economic Cost

Talk Nation Radio: Heidi Peltier on the Camo Economy

By David Swanson, Talk Nation Radio, July 14, 2020 This week on Talk Nation Radio: massive, shameless, and endlessly expanding war profiteering by weapons dealers. Our guest is Heidi Peltier, author of a new report called “The Growth of the […]

Terry Crawford=Browne, peace activist in South Africa

South Africa Arms Industry Is Dodging Rules To Sell Weapons To Turkey

By Linda van Tilburg, July 7, 2020 From BizNews When Minister in the Presidency Jackson Mthembu became the chair of South Africa’s arms trade regulator, the National Conventional Arms Control Committee (NCACC) adopted a much stricter approach to the export […]

Corruption And The Arms Trade

July 4, 2020 “Corruption and the Arms Trade” is a 38-minute presentation by Terry Crawford- Browne, World BEYOND War’s coordinator for South Africa, delivered on July 1 via Zoom to the Probus (retired Rotarians) Club in Somerset West. A podcast […]

Bernie Sanders speaking about NDAA, June 2020

Cut The Bloated War Budget: An Open Letter to US Senators

June 29, 2020 Sixty-one organizations (including World BEYOND War) have come together to send an open letter to every member of the US Senate on behalf of Amendment 1788, introduced by Senators Bernie Sanders and Ed Markey. The amendment would […]

Installing solar panels

Battleground States

By Kathy Kelly, June 27, 2020 The time for manufacturing of weapons of war has passed as a viable industry for our nation, despite the way some of our political leadership clings to economies of the past.—Lisa Savage, U.S. Senate […]

Jacob Zuma facing corruption charges

Zuma’s Day In Court

By Terry Crawford-Browne, June 23, 2020 Former South Africa President Jacob Zuma and the French government-controlled Thales arms company have been charged with fraud, money laundering and racketeering. After multiple delays, Zuma and Thales are finally scheduled to come to […]

David Swanson at the International Conference Against US/NATO Military Bases, Dublin 2018

1+1 Ep 18 Yuri interviews David Swanson of World Beyond War & Talk Nation Radio on WWI,WWII,& more

By World BEYOND War, June 21, 2020  

Defund the Military

Let’s Defund The Military Too

From The Intercept, June 18, 2020 This is a transcript of an episode of the Deconstructed Podcast featuring Bernie Sanders’ foreign policy advisor Matt Duss with Mehdi Hasan. THE UNITED STATES has by far the world’s largest military budget, accounting for […]

War Is Not Essential: Day of Action to #StopArmingSaudi

From Amnesty International Canada, June 18, 2020

Space Force

Let Them Eat Weapons: Trump’s Bizarre Arms Race

By Lawrence Wittner, June 15, 2020 From War Is A Crime In late May of this year, President Donald Trump’s special envoy for arms control bragged before a Washington think tank that the U.S. government was prepared to outspend Russia and China […]