No to an 18th Year of War on Afghanistan

In front of White House on October 2, 2018. Video by Paki Wieland livestreamed on FB. This was first of two events planned for Washington, D.C., on October 2, 2018: –rally with speakers at 12 noon in front of the […]

Arms Manufacturers in UK Class Rooms

 Andrew Smith discusses how schools in the UK involve the arms industry to teach school children about weapons manufacture and trade. BAE Systems invests tens of millions of pounds in order to improve its image in the eyes of […]

Kateri Peace Conference 2018 – Social & Environmental Imperatives

Greta Zarro of World Beyond War speaks about Social and Environmental Imperatives at the 2018 Kateri Peace Conference.

Joining the Conversation by Jonathan Deaton

  Physicians for Social Responsibility Published on Sep 19, 2015 Nukebusters Short Film Contest 1st Prize Winner, Student Category

Inside America’s Meddling Machine: The US Funded Group that Interferes in Elections Around the Globe

In this Grayzone special, Max Blumenthal attends a Capitol Hill gathering of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and explores the group’s destabilizing global campaign to meddle in other countries’ affairs. The report covers the NED’s interference in foreign elections […]

Just Say NO to Space Force

The Peace Report Published on Aug 12, 2018 Global Network: Global Network Blog: Join The Peace Report to fight empire one video at a time:     Weekly Newsletter: Patreon: Paypal:

Interview with Clare Grady, Kings Bay Plowshares Activist

Clare Grady has been involved in peace actions at Kings Bay Submarine Base in Georgia, USA, and is a Catholic Worker. She is interviewed here by Jack Gilroy of Veterans for Peace on July 21, 2018.

The United States of Arms

 The United States of Arms from Will Geary on Vimeo. U.S. weapons exports from 1950 to 2017. Data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute’s Arms Transfers Database. Units are expressed in trend indicator values (TIV). Each dot on […]

Webinar: Growing the Movement for a World BEYOND War

On June 18, 2018, World BEYOND War kicked off its new webinar series with a well-attended event. A full recording of this webinar can be viewed by clicking on the video above. The webinar introduced how World BEYOND War is […]

What is Israel doing in Alaska?!

From the Peace Report, June 5, 2018 Israel will be testing their Arrow 3 weapons system, among other things, on Kodiak Island, Alaska in the summer of 2018. The Arrow 3 weapons system was funded and developed by both Israel […]