Two Arrested in Civil Resistance at Creech AFB

March 28, 2018. Two members of the Sacred Peace Walk were arrested at Creech AFB, Wednesday, 03/28/18 in a nonviolent civil resistance action protesting the criminal drone assassination program conducted by the USAF and the CIA at Creech.

Okinawa Action in DC

Bahman Azad, March 23rd, 2018, Coalition Against U.S. Foreign Military Bases organized a rally in from of Japanese Embassy in Washington DC to demand freedom for Hiroji Yamashiro and other Anti-Bases activists and the closure of all U.S. Military Bases […]

Florida Gunman Nikolas Cruz Knew How to Use a Gun, Thanks to the NRA and the U.S. Army

From, February 23, 2018. Part 2. Extended web-only discussion with Pat Elder, the director of the National Coalition to Protect Student Privacy, a group that confronts militarism in the schools. He is the author of “Military Recruiting in the […]

Video of Debate #2: Is War Ever Justifiable?

Video of Debate #2: Is War Ever Justifiable?

By David Swanson Our first debate was February 12th. This was our second, held February 13, 2018, at Eastern Mennonite University, moderated by Lisa Schirch. Youtube. Facebook. The two speakers’ bios: Pete Kilner is a writer and military ethicist who […]

Video of Debate on Is War Ever Justifiable?

Video of Debate on Is War Ever Justifiable?

By David Swanson On February 12, 2018, I debated Pete Kilner on the topic of “Is War Ever Justifiable?” (Location: Radford University; Moderator Glen Martin; videographer Zachary Lyman). Here is video: Youtube. Facebook. The two speakers’ bios: Pete Kilner is […]

Peace Pentagon HUB Interview: Laura George and David Swanson

Peace Pentagon HUB Interview’s first podcast: Laura George interviews David Swanson.

Save the Country

By Laura Nyro, 1968. Come on, people, come on, children Come on down to the glory river. Gonna wash you up, and wash you down, Gonna lay the devil down, gonna lay that devil down. I got fury in my […]

16 Years of War: Trump Joins Obama & Bush in Using SOTU to Hail “Progress” in Afghan War

February 1, 2018, Democracy Now. On Tuesday night, President Trump became the third president in a row to attempt to put a positive spin on the war in Afghanistan—the longest war in U.S. history. Five years earlier, President Barack Obama […]

Undoing the New Deal: Eisenhower Builds an Arsenal of Nuclear Weapons and a Cabinet of Millionaires

 Historian Peter Kuznick says that in spite of his famous warning, Eisenhower can be called the father of the industrial-military complex; when he takes office, the U.S. has a 1,000 nuclear weapons, when he leaves, it’s 22,000 – with […]

The Ripple Effect Podcast # 151 (David Swanson | War Is A Lie)

David Swanson is an author, activist, journalist, and radio host. He is director of and campaign coordinator for Swanson’s books include War Is A Lie and When the World Outlawed War. He blogs at and He […]