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  1. I support the message and what you are doing. May I suggest brighter colours on the bill boards?

  2. Simone Meeker says:

    My husband and I would each love to buy a Tee that says “3% of US military funding could end starvation on earth.” Are they available or shall we have someone print them for us?

  3. Oyet Kenneth Odong says:

    The most appealing is “war can not be humananized” we need to write it in Arabic ,English ,LUO,Kiswahili ,Dinka and Luganda and place them in all major town.

    This will reach millions in their own mother toungue and sescond languages

    Thank you let the preaching continue

  4. Pete Snidal says:

    No More War! – If you want it!
    ~ John and Yoko Lennon

  5. K. Schwanke says:

    How can I get one of these in my town, Syracuse ,NY? There’s a vacant billboard right near downtown that is seen by hundreds or commuters daily. It would be nice to give people something to think about while waiting at a red light. You put a dollar to something and people respond.

  6. Frances O'Neill Zimmerman says:

    If you need a footnote to explain what tiny percentage of US military spending could end world hunger, your message needs to be re-worked.
    1)I think the word “Peace” ought to appear more often in the message at the top of every billboard, while the bottom question works as is.

    2)You could argue that Syria is the saddest country on earth now, not Iran.

    3)Images of destroyed ancient cities in that region are powerful. Use them.

    3)Ditto for images of refugee camps, the immediate result of wars.

    4)Only one of the billboard messages speaks to me –the Einstein one — but many people today will not recognize who Einstein is.

    5)Maybe simple repetition of one message on
    all billboards over a long period, followed by another for another stretch of time, would be more effective, would familiarize people with the organization. “No More War.” “Wage Peace.” “Swords into Ploughshares.” or “War Is Not Good for Children.”( End with that. Or add “and Other Living Things” if it’s not under copyright.)

    6)Put up the U.S. “Defense” budget in actual numbers and compare it to another category
    like education or funding for the National Institutes of Health –or make a pie chart and let the gross difference speak for itself. End with the usual Q at the bottom.
    7 )”United States Policeman of the
    World” with a list of places where we are militarily engaged followed by the $ figure for military spending. End with usual Q at the bottom.

    I think the billboards are a great idea. The message needs to be refined, simple and powerful, with an emphasis on waging Peace.

  7. niloofar shambayati says:

    I suggest creating messages that connect the military and war budgets to the domestic costs of war because most Americans care little about the death and plight of black and brown people around the world.

    a) Citing percentages of the military and war budgets that can drastically reduce unemployment, under-employment, hunger, poverty, violence, and other socio-economic ills by investing in the infrastructure, education, job training, providing comprehensive health care to all Americans, and much more;

    b) Citing the amount of the money borrowed to fight the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that we’ve been paying back with our tax money. It’s been calculated that, if no more money is borrowed to wage more wars, the payment of those debts and the accrued interest would end in 2051!

  8. Meaghan Simpson says:

    Yes I agree with Francis O’Neill Zimmerman and thanks. Really USA education and gov are surely proof than USA citizens are very math deprived as most cannot do math in their brains…they have used computers for SOOO long it’s true they cannot think basic math. WA, DC cannot do a PowerPoint presentation on the Budgets. It’s just monopoly monster madness mergers for military, monetary, MSM, and mafia medical, etc. We need a big wheel chart that shows how much of the military budgets we need for every aspect of every issue of our common will and common good of we the 99%. I totally agree we must put PEOPLE, PLANET & PEACE OVER WAR AND WEAPONS PROFITEERS boldly on ever banner, poster header…core of our message. For many decades the word PEACE and the word POOR have been virtually banned in WA, DC. In 1980’s Ronald Alzheimer’s Reagan was President and all we could say was “Anti-Nuclear” at the warmongers conferences while Reagan
    Supported nuke everything and was way wonky on “Star Wars” .

    Someone must bring up the facts about how many mega $$$Trillions have been stolen from we the people’s Social Security Trust Accounts and given to USA Military Industrial Pentagon Budget…Reagan did it big time and kicked everybody off Social Security Disability and closed down the mental hospitals and pushed VA military veterans in wheel chairs out in the street! …just another politico whore for the wars and corporations who loves to jack off on BIG bloody bombs and could not give a shit about the veterans ever. Do the search about all the mega $$$Trillions stolen from HUD!!! The Trumps and Kushner’s are not the first to rip off HUD properties and neglect to repair and maintain them and evict long term residents who refuse to pay rents because the housing is in way serious disrepair! So Kushner’s and many other wealthy real estate investors have been allowed to buy HUD housing and screw all the tenants out of their homes by being the worst landlords in the world…so they can tear down and build luxury living and make a killing!!! The GOVS have allowed this and besides all the severe snowballing cutbacks to affordable housing and give aways to BIG dirty filthy real estate investors… The ever widening gap and crisis in housing has been a long series of toxic immoral insane capitalistic crimes in the economic gangsters of Wall Street obscene PONZI schemes. Believe me here in CA, Ronald Reagan’s launch pad for BIGGEST HOMELESS CAPITAL IN THE WORLD…the corrupt capitalists cannot figure out any meaningful solutions. It’s sadder than sad. Human zombies in Gov just keep making it worse.

    As part of our recent local Poor People’s Campaign event here, we had meetings about how WE THE PEOPLE must reform HUD dramatically remake and retake HUD. Brain Damaged Ben Carson is just willing to put every person needing healthy affordable housing in the garbage disposal.

    We need to turn up the mathematical facts about the war by criminal capitalists profiteers robbing, looting, they got blood all over themselves and the planet..

    Get a big wheel like jeopardy game! only put all the aspects of every issue of our holistic platform for people! planet and PEACE… As the various parts of the pie in the wheel. And we show how every piece of the the pie can be fund end by what % of the bloated totally unaccountable military budget. Show how we can dismantle the vast majority of military budget and close down military bases
    and transform the world global peace… Take on here whole DAMM budget…

    Hell we gotta get way beyond this mantra for $15 minimum wages. Things are SOOO economically polarized that $15 per hour full time = $2400 gross per month before withholdings. That won’t even get you basic apartment in CALIFORNIA or OREGON or WASHINGTON OR HAWAII… Even if every unemployed person got jobs paying $15 per hour, there are not ever enough affordable housing and many employed people camp in tents on the sidewalks certain hours so they can rest and make it to work!!! They get up crack of dawn and pack up their tents and bed rolls and magically make it to a bathroom some where… OCCUPY TRUTH BIG HOLISTIC TRUTH Platform Agenda for World BEYOND WAR.

  9. An Australian group is planning actions at Avalon Arms Show 2021, near Melbourne. May we use your slogans referring to Australia’s military expenditure or global military expenditure. We are also keen to connect the points with climate change and the cost of climate management.

  10. One billboard reads “3% of mlitary spending…” and another reads “1 1/2%.” Which is correct? Shouldn’t there be a footnote with a source identified?

  11. On more careful reading, I see that the “1 1/2” billboard doesn’t say “U.S.” Why not say “world military funding” on that one?

  12. Please fix the spelling error on the board that says:

    “We need now to build a culture of geniune non-violence and real democracy.” Mairead Maguire

    That should read “genuine”, even if her original text had the error.

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