Ahimsa Conversation # 106 David Swanson

By Ahimsa Conversations, March 13, 2022

The notion that war is normal and we have to struggle for peace is a fundamental lie. Actually, every war is the consequence of a long, concerted and diligent effort to avoid peace. David Swanson, co-founder of the network World BEYOND War, unravels the lies that accompany most wars – that it is defensive, necessary, humanitarian. The common claim that history is full of wars is misleading because there are far more times and places in which there was no war. Now we also know that nonviolent resistance is powerful and it works more often than violence. He draws attention to the conflict in Ukraine where people are kneeling or standing before tanks, feeding soldiers and having them call their mothers to say they want to come home. David also addresses how to locate this spontaneous activism in the larger frame of the human will for power. #DavidSwanson #WorldBeyondWar #Ukraine #Nonviolence


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