A Lasting Legacy of Peace: Plan to Include World Beyond War in Your Will

Planned Giving enables your life’s passion to continue beyond your lifespan. Taking time now to contribute to World Beyond War’s anti-war movement as part of your will or revocable (living) trust agreement may be the right answer for you to make the maximum contribution to a world of peace without impacting your current financial situation and lifestyle.

Preparing a will is an important gift to all the people and causes you care about deeply. By designating a specific gift now, you can choose to give a lasting gift of peace at the chapter, national or international level. You can also designate exactly how you wish those funds to be used with a restricted gift toward education, a specific campaign, organizational growth, etc. You also have the option to leave a legacy of peace through unrestricted funds, which will be applied to the World Beyond War movement where they are needed most.

If you’ve ever felt unable to make an outright major gift of cash or securities, planned giving allows you to be generous to World Beyond War while customizing a gift suited specifically for your financial situation. World Beyond War accepts donations from anywhere in the world.

If you’re in the United States: Some assets, including retirement accounts (IRA, 401(k), etc.), U.S. savings bonds, and/or stock options are subject to income tax when received by beneficiaries. If you have both individual and charitable beneficiaries, you can achieve the best result by giving the income-taxed assets to charities and the other non-taxed assets directly to individuals. Individual beneficiaries could pay sizable income tax, after reduction for any estate tax, upon receipt of income-taxed assets. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity, however, WBW can put the entire value of those assets to work without the tax penalty. Your individual beneficiaries can take better advantage of the automatic step-up in the basis or original cost of your appreciated assets, such as real estate and stocks.

National and state or provincial laws on designating funds for charitable causes vary greatly. Talk to your financial advisor or attorney about the proper language or beneficiary designations for these assets.

If you have specific questions regarding World Beyond War’s Planned Giving Program, please feel comfortable contacting us.

Here is a PDF you can print, fill out, and mail in.

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