What If Donald Trump Is Willing to Use Force to Stay in Power?

U.S. President Donald J. Trump

By Pat Elder, World Beyond War, January 11, 2021

“It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and a psychological understanding of the people concerned that a square is in fact a circle. They are mere words, and words can be molded until they clothe ideas and disguise.” – German propagandist Joseph Geobbels

“We won by a landslide.”– Donald J. Trump

On the day Trump sent his mob to terrorize the capitol building, law enforcement officers should have been prepared. Obviously, there was collusion between the White House and security forces in Washington, DC.  We have lost the rule of law, or at least the “law” we knew.  Trump is not insane, while some who are pushing the 25th Amendment realize this.

Police should have detained each trespasser for identification and questioning. Everyone who was violent should have been arrested and those warrants should remain open and vigorously pursued.  Instead, Trump’s thugs are encouraged to return for the inauguration.  It is folly for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to plan for an outdoor inauguration.  They could hold an inauguration on Zoom, I suppose, but it won’t mean much. They won’t be in power.  They’ll be in hiding if they survive.

The US knows a lot about violent regime change. A huge explosion is seen over the outskirts of Benghazi in 2011 after the US shoots down a Libyan plane.

I have a pretty good idea of how it could happen and what it might look like. After all, there are first-hand accounts of nearly 60 coups d’etat the US has perpetrated since the end of World War II. The military tactics employed in these campaigns will be familiar to Trump’s legions, many of whom are likely to be veterans or those on active duty.

Compared to most violent regime changes, the Trump coup will not require tremendous resources or personnel. People won’t know what hit them. It’ll be over in a few hours.  The stock market will continue to perform.  The Super Bowl will be played. (Go Ravens!).  Amazon will keep sending us stuff and the coronavirus will eventually be controlled. Most will become numb to political assassinations. The enormity of the catastrophe will be lost on most Americans.

An Apache fires Hellfire missiles over Washington. Tell me it ain’t so.

One AH-65 Apache helicopter armed with 16 Hellfire laser designated missiles could make a mess of things during the inauguration. The weapons can be programmed to rip through Biden’s teleprompter.  It won’t take much, perhaps a colonel or two looking the other way.  Consider the impact of thousands of Trump loyalists reinforcing the assault with an array of self-propelled grenade launchers and small arms fire.  Sure, the police will have established a security perimeter, but these hand-held grenade launchers, firing 40 mm projectiles, have an effective firing range topping 1,000 feet.Down and dirty. Blow it up.

Shocking violence, particularly arson, will rock cities across the country. In the Washington DC area, a handful of bridges and railways will be destroyed, municipal water systems will be poisoned, and people will be terrified. It’ll start at noon and be all over in a few hours.

Trump’s popularity will gradually increase among segments of the public.

Trump will address the nation. He’ll condemn the violence and launch an investigation into the perpetrators. He’ll explain the necessity of shutting down Congress and temporarily establishing martial law until a free and fair election can be held.  The small-scale damage to infrastructure will be quickly repaired. The stock market will rebound.  The Ravens will make it to the Super Bowl on February 7. The world will not end.

Trump, or “the great American,” as he will be known, will largely address the nation through his subordinates. Trump will remain in absolute control while fading from the public’s eye. Michael Flynn, “the great warrior” will address issues of domestic and international security. Sidney Powell will become a kind of of Ambassador at-large. Pompeo will stay on at State. Giuliani will assume de facto control of the Justice Department while conspiracy theorists Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Patrick Byrne will alternate as press secretary. Mark Meadows will remain Chief of Staff. Miller will stay at DOD. Haspel will disappear.

CNN and MSNB will concede to editorial controls, losing few corporate sponsors. Fox will move into the White House.

Pure conjecture, but it had to be written.

Pat Elder is a writer for www.militarypoisons.org  His new blog may be found at www.patelder.org


3 Responses

  1. Thank you for the warning. Smedley Butler tried to warn the country of a fascist coup attempt when FDR was in office. He had the courage to go to Congress to spill the beans. Where the hell is Veterans For Peace?

  2. OmGosh, this is terrifyingly a possibility? It was like reading science fiction, but just barely. I want to disbelieve, but I cannot totally dismiss the words, the visuals from my soul.

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