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Attend the First Annual War Abolisher Awards online on October 6th. Participation is free. Click here to learn more and register.

Join an online book club over four weeks with 18 participants and the author with a $100 donation to World BEYOND War. Get your signed book with time to read it by registering early.

Murder Incorporated with Stephen Vittoria: Fridays in November at UTC 18:00.

The Third Harmony with Michael Nagler: Mondays in December at UTC 18:00.

The End of Ice with Dahr Jamail: Wednesdays in January at UTC 1:00.

A Mighty Case Against War with Kathy Beckwith: Wednesdays in February at UTC 1:00.

Stand on Guard for Whom? with Yves Engler: Mondays in March at UTC 17:00.

The Power of Impossible Ideas with Sharon Tennison: Saturdays in April at UTC 19:00.

Sleepwalking to Armageddon with Helen Caldicott: Tuesdays in May at UTC 8:00.


Sign our petition to the 26th UN Climate summit planned for Glasgow in November. We encourage groups and individuals to organize events to advance this message on or about the big day of action in Glasgow on November 6, 2021. Resources and ideas for events are here.

News from Around the World:

Success: Meng Freed!

Extinguish War and Save the Earth

Can War Be Both Reformed AND Abolished?

The Economist Magazine Is Pushing Pro-Draft Propaganda

Rehumanize Podcast: Talking About the War on Terror with David Swanson

Drawdown: Improving U.S. and Global Security Through Military Base Closures Abroad

Afghanistan War Shifts to Illegal Drone Strikes

World BEYOND War Gets Its Own 501c3

Bearing Witness in Afghanistan — A Conversation With Kathy Kelly on Ending War and Listening to its Victims

Tainted Water Release by U.S. in Okinawa Further Deepens Mistrust

War on Terror’ Terrorized Afghans for 20 Years

How to Prevent Terrorism

Armi, Sempre Armi, Tantissime Armi da il Manifesto

Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Veterans To President Biden: Just Say No To Nuclear War!

Protestors From 12 States Converge At Creech Afb For Week Of Protest To Demand An End To Remote Drone Killing, And Ban On Killer Drones

Samuel Moyn’s Unprincipled Attack On Human Rights Giant Michael Ratner

325 Organizations Propose Climate Solution You’ve Never Heard Of

U.S. Media Obsessed With Smaller Two of Three Big Bills in Congress

U.S. Militarism’s Toxic Impact on Climate Policy

4,391+ Actions for a Better World: Campaign Nonviolence Action Week is bigger than ever

Iraq Vet Disrupts George W. Bush Speech

Black Alliance for Peace Condemns Biden Administration’s Order to Deport Haitians as Illegal and Racist

Drawdown: Improving U.S. and Global Security Through Military Base Closures Abroad

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