VIDEO: Voices of the Pacific: Cancel RIMPAC Solidarity Webinar

By Pacific Peace Network, July 24, 2022

Recorded on July 22/23, 2022. Learn from representatives from across the Pacific in their struggle for peace and an end to destructive war games:

Tina Grandinetti, Hawaii
Senator Jordon Steele-John, Australia
Sung- Hee Choi, Jeju Island
Henk Rumbewas, West Papua
Monaeka Flores, Guahan
Yuichi Kamoshita, Okinawa
Emalyn Aliviano, Philippines
Anne Pakoa, Vanuatu
with closing remarks by Joy Enomoto, Hawaii, and co-facilitation by Liz Remmerswaal, Aotearoa/ New Zealand and Kaia Vereide, Jeju Island

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