Video: End The Western/Gulf War on Syria, a conversation with Johnny Achi, Rick Sterling, & Alfred De Zayas

By World BEYOND War, September 7, 2021

This event on September 7, 2021, was co-hosted with Youri Smouter (Yuri Muckraker on YouTube), and we discussed the urgent need to end the Western/Gulf War on Syria. In conversation with Johnny Achi, Rick Sterling and Alfred De Zayas, we talked about what the anti-imperialist/peace movement must understand about the ongoing situation in Syria, why we must be opposed to all forms of militarism and imperialism in Syria, and what we can do to end the suffering.

Johnny Achi is a Syrian Expatriate and a US graduate Electrical Engineer. A Co-Founding member of Arab Americans for Syria, he has led many fact-finding missions to Syria over the past decade.

Rick Sterling is an independent journalist, media critic, NGO critic, and peace activist based in California. He often contributes to articles for Mintpress News, Consortium News, American Herald Tribune and others.

Alfred De Zayas is an international law expert, diplomat, author, professor, and anti-imperialist thinker based in Switzerland. He was a special UN rapporteur to investigate the political crisis in Venezuela and spoke out against the impact of Western sanctions. He is also a friend to the Free Julian Assange movement, an advocate for the international “Native/Indigenous Lives Matter” movement, a supporter of Catalan independence, and an outspoken critic of Western imperialism and domination and the New Cold Wars on Russia and China.

Youri Smouter is the host of 1+1, a topical history and current affairs program on his YouTube channel Yuri Muckraker. He is based in Southern Belgium and is a media critic, NGO critic, anti-


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