Video: Building Peace, Security and Justice through the Rule of Law and Global Governance

By World Federalist Movement, Institute for Global Policy, November 2, 2021

Mr. Keith Best, Executive Chair, WFM/IGP
Mr. Vijay Mehta, Chair, Uniting for Peace
Mr. David Swanson, Executive Director, World BEYOND War
Mr. Stephen Hockman QC, Barrister at Six Pump Court Chambers
Ms. Jennifer Trahan, Professor, New York University’s Center for Global Affairs and Director of Concentration in International Law and Human Rights
Ms. Marjolijn Snippe, Executive Committee Member, WFM/IGP and Founding Member of the Centre for UNConstitutional Research (CUNCR)
Ms. Jojo Mehta, Executive Director, Stop Ecocide International Introduction and
Moderator: Sandra Coyle, Executive Director, WFM/IGP
Correction: should have been

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