Video: Armistice / Remembrance Day

By World BEYOND War, November 4, 2021

Leading Peace Activists from Around the World Discuss the Origins of Remembrance/Armistice Day and Plans for This Year’s

A World BEYOND War event, cosponsored by

This online event begins with the presentation of the 2021 US Peace Prize to World BEYOND War. The prize is presented by Michael D. Knox, Founder and Chair of the US Peace Memorial Foundation.


Leah Bolger, President of World BEYOND War, former President of Veterans For Peace, based in the United States.

Brad Oliver of Veterans For Peace UK in Scotland, Co-Founder and former Co-Chair of Aberdeen Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

Sandy Greenberg, Steering Committee member for Nova Scotia Voice of Women for Peace, and former National Canadian Voice of Women for Peace Board member.

Margaret Pestorius of Wage Peace, Disrupt Land Forces, and Make West Papua Safe, who was arrested for entering and protesting the U.S. Pine Gap base in Australia.

More information:

Leah Bolger’s remarks text in Word​.

Brad Oliver’s remarks text in Word​.

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