Ukrainians Are Nonviolently Resisting War

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, March 2, 2022

In his State of the Union address, U.S. President Joe Biden praised unarmed Ukrainians stopping tanks. He did not praise them enough. Nonviolent resistance to oppression, occupation, and invasion is more likely to succeed than violent; the successes tend to be longer lasting; and — added benefit — the chance of nuclear war is decreased rather than increased.

Here are some examples of what Ukrainians are doing:

The Guardian: “Video of Ukrainian ‘tank man’ trying to block Russian military convoy goes viral”

Hindustan News Hub: “Ukraine Farmer Tank: Ukrainian farmer stole Russian tank with tractor, soldiers kept watching, watch video”

Facebook: The Koryukiv community — with words — turned around tanks 💙

The Drive: “Ukrainians Are Manipulating Road Signs To Confuse Russian Invaders”

Twitter: Today Georgian men refused to provide Russian ship with fuel and when asked what should Russians do without fuel – their answer was ‘use the paddles instead'”

Facebook: “A Russian Soldier Surrendered. Ukrainians Gave Him Tea and Food and Let Him Phone His Mother.”

Find lots more at MettaCenter.

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