World Beyond War October 2015 Social Media Campaign: #ENOUGH #war!

In October: join THOUSANDS saying #ENOUGH! to #war in #Afghanistan and elsewhere!
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Please support World Beyond War in saying ENOUGH! to war in Afghanistan and everywhere else during our October, 2015, social media campaign!

We’re joining with many other organizations to build support for ending the war being waged by the US in Afghanistan, and ending wars everywhere.

We’re asking people to join the #Enough! to all wars! Thunderclap and share the #ENOUGH! messages below, as well as other social media messages saying #enough to war.

We’ll be adding new images daily here — some based on your social media contributions! — and linking them to key sections of our World Beyond War call to action,  A Global Security System: An Alternative to War.

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Of course, please be sure to sign the World Beyond War Declaration of Peace, and receive regular updates.

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Give voice to the people of #Afghanistan saying #ENOUGH #war!
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(Read more about the work of peace volunteers in Afghanistan at and @We_Say_Enough.)

People in #Afghanistan, #Pakistan, & beyond say #ENOUGH! #NOdrones! #NOwar!
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It’s time to end the use of militarized drones. (More at @NoDronesNetwork)

#ENOUGH! of the myths and fantasies and lies that perpetuate #war!
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People are realizing that all the talk of the “need” for more war is based on myth and fantasy and lies. All we get from war is more victims . . .

Haven’t there been #enough victims already?
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Everyone needs to look around them and see the ways they and their community are complicit in war!

#ENOUGH profiting from death
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How about this instead? “Realign Military Spending, Convert Infrastructure to Produce Funding For Civilian Needs (Economic Conversion)”

(More to come . . . . )

One Response

  1. The US and the Coalition of the Willing need to leave warmongering for self interest and profit.
    I do not support any invasion of any country by those who are only self serving, lying that it’s on humanitarian reasons when it is not.
    I demand peace to all people.
    We have no right to intervene in the affairs of other countries. That is for the people of that country to do themselves.

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