Roger Waters on War, Peace, and Music

By World BEYOND War, August 8, 2022

A webinar hosted by World BEYOND War on August 8, 2022, with Todd Pierce and David Swanson moderating.

Project for the Study of American Militarism,
World BEYOND War,
Women Against Military Madness,
Veterans For Peace,
Andy Worthington,
Just Peace Advocates/Mouvement Pour Une Paix Juste,,,
Canadian BDS Coalition,
Twin Cities Assange Defense,
Canadian Foreign Policy Institute,
DC Action for Assange.

5 Responses

  1. That was so truthful and so important to listen to. “Do what is right” but read and learn first of all. What a fine human being. I remember the name Pink floyd but never experienced his music. Here I am at the age of 80 trying to do what is right. His take on world affairs; I find agreement with all that was discussed . Thank you.

  2. I watched this event when he was live and it was fascinating. I am watching it again and thank you so much for this event!!

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