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For time, place, and everything else about the conference and rally go to

Limerick is easily accessible from Shannon Airport or by bus from Dublin Airport.

Here are some buses from Dublin: one, two, three.
To request reimbursement for the cost of your transportation to NoWar2019 (for low-income and student attendees) go here.

Conference participants get a discounted bedroom rate at the hotel hosting the conference: Great National South Court Hotel. The rate is €115 single room bed & breakfast OR €125 double room bed & breakfast. Access this rate by booking online and using promo code WBW19 or via phone (+353 (0)61 487 487) and quoting promo code WBW19. These rates are only for October 4th and 5th.

If you’d like to find a partner who wants to share a room and split the cost, use the comments below.

There are quite inexpensive hotels on numerous websites, such as One is The Pier Hotel. There is also AirBnB in Limerick. Even the South Court Hotel may cost less than the discounted rate through

Peace Camp
On the nights of the 5th and 6th we will have a peace camp in the Peace Park right by Shannon Airport that people can stay at free, with an open-mic and activities there on the evening of the 6th. This is a significant distance from the conference, so plan time to get there. We’ll have a 15’x30′ tent that people can sleep in if they do not bring their own tents. The Peace Park is over 1 acre in size and has a circle of 12 apple trees in the centre with a large peace sign on the ground. We will have some portable toilets. We’ll ask that people stay quiet after midnight. No alcohol or drugs allowed. There will be a limited number of tents and sleeping bags and it would be beneficial if people who want to camp bring their own. Reserve your free spot here.

Rides and Lodging Board
To offer or request transportation, carpooling, rides, or lodging in Limerick, use the comments below. To submit ideas for best recommended inexpensive or free lodging or rides ideas for us to post here at the top of this page, please use the comments below.



  1. Hallo organizers,
    I am a former board member of “Concience and Peace Tax International/CPTI”, the intern. organization of people whith concientious objection to pay taxes for the defense budget, armament and war: (registered in the UK, London).
    CPTI has just started to plan its intern. conference 2019 in Edingburgh/Scotland (Oct./Nov.).
    Reading about your meeting and agenda I have the idea that we might do both conference one after the other and partly connect both conferences.
    Apart from our common goal, prices could be a good argument for a cooperation. Do I understand correctly that attending your meeting costs $ 40 per person per day? Could you find out for us whether two more days in your hotel would make us profit from your prices – or what the stay would cost for us? The question is better posed by the main organizer than by a small and currently poor organisation. We have been at least 25 persons in formen intern. conferences.
    Of course, in the second idea is: We are also interested in offering a workshop on the subject of conscientious military tax refusal / peace tax (1 hour). [Ursula Mathern did inform WBW about our issue.]
    Even though this is an informal inquiry I am hopeful and thankful getting an answer. Pease forward my message to the responsable person if I ask at the wrong persons.
    Best wishes
    Hannelore Morgenstern
    Netzwerk Friedenssteuer e.V., Germany

  2. Alan Mytty says:

    Greetings to all,

    Looking froward to a great conference. I am arriving in Dublin early morning Thursday, 3 October and departing Dublin early Wednesday 9 October. Having never been to Ireland, I plan to also do some sightseeing (mainly the seashore, cliffs, parks, etc.) and have rented a car.

    If someone wants to share some sightseeing time with me please let me know. I have reservations at the conference hotel in Limerick but have no other firm plans yet.

    Peace to all,

  3. First, this is the first time I’ve heard about your conference and I will be attending. This is a very late time to be asking if I can share about a book that my friend and fellow peacemaker, Britt Minshall wrote. It is a breakthrough book in understanding human social organisms, otherwise known as MEMES.
    It’s name is, “The Book of Meme Law” and it addresses the default mechanisms that lead groups of human beings to disagree with one another and war against each other. I would like to bring a copy to your offices and or mail it there, so you can become familiar with it and decide if it is appropriate for me to advertise it, sell it or give it out at the conference.
    You can also find out more about it at And, you can find out more about the author at and please sign the petition for ending war while visiting.

    Secondl, I would like to share a room with someone at the main hotel or other hotel in the vicinity of the conference. I have to check on flights and, if you all have done that work and know which airlines has the best prices, I would appreciate your input.

    I am looking forward to taking part in the conference and in meeting all of you.
    Thank you for ding what you’re doing.

  4. Sherri Maurin says:

    HI, just registered and need to get airline tickets. Would like to stay at the main hotel for Friday and Saturday nights and maybe move to Peace Camp on Sunday night. I need to fly to the UK on Monday morning.
    Does any woman want to share a DOUBLE room. Must be fragrance free and non-smoking.
    Please let me know. Sherri Maurin from San Francisco but will be coming from and going back to the UK.

  5. Hi all,

    I’m thinking of taking an extra day or two and spending some time in Connemara – any locals coming from there? Any non-locals also thinking of going there?



  6. I will be driving from Dublin/Wicklow area on Thursday or Friday in my van. I have room for one more.


    pamela page

    • Hi Pamela,

      I’ll be at conference and planning to spend a few days at Newgrange near Dublin afterward. Is rideshare possible, leaving Limerick on either the 6th or morning of the 7th?

      Thanks, Stacy

  7. FREE FLIGHT Gatwick to Dublin. I booked my flights, reserved seats, paid for extra baggage and printed out boarding passes to come to the Conference as a volunteer, but now realise how much it will cost me to stay overnight on Friday and Monday before and after the event, plus the cost of travelling to Shannon etc. I’m a student and simply can’t afford it. Ryanair don’t do refunds but will allow reassignment of the tickets, so if anyone knows someone who might use them please get in touch with me. I’m really sad to have to cancel this, and hope its a fabulous event which will bear much fruit in our journey to Peace <3

  8. Barry Sweeney says:

    Hey Ruth, I am very sorry to hear it! Hopefully you will be able to live stream it. Throw a party! 🙂 I will put the word out about the flights, tell me though what times are they at?

  9. Sinéad O'Brien says:

    Any lifts from Dublin saturday morning.

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