No War 2018 Toronto Rides and Lodging Board

For time, place, and everything else about the conference go to

How to get there.

Nearby restaurants.

To offer or request transportation, carpooling, rides, etc., use the comments below.

To offer or request lodging in Toronto, use the comments below.

To submit ideas for best recommended inexpensive or free lodging or rides ideas for us to post here at the top of this page, please use the comments below.


Hotels in the area:

Madison Manor Hotel at 20 Madison Avenue, Toronto: Reasonable rates range from $119-$159 CAD/night and only 30 minute walk or 15 minutes by public transit to the conference venue. Wifi and breakfast included. No children. Only 7 rooms remaining.

College Hostel
20 minute drive, 40 minute walk from the conference.

Toronto Travellers’ Home
6 minute drive, 20 minute walk from the conference.

Chinatown Travellers’ Home
4 minute drive, 5 minute walk.

Urban North Inns
Affordable and comfortable rooms, 5 minute walk from the conference.


  1. Add your comments here.

  2. Hello!
    An new idea for the upcoming “No War 2018”!!! I’m currently working on a brand new song that I was inspired to start working on only a few months ago before I even knew about your wonderful conference for Fall 2018 that I’m very excited about titled, “NO MORE WAR!!!!”. It’s in the musical style of pop icon legend George Michael and is very, very catchy, easy for everyone to sing to in masses, and can be sung and danced to by everyone at your upcoming Conference! I know would be a HUGE HIT on many levels and spark up the conference! 

    My Background: A while ago I wrote a new song crafted for WBAI, the large educational television station here in New York City for the LGBTQ Community for a very special live show, and it was used each time the program went for a station break and at both the beginning and end of the show too. It went along with a video that I had made for the show for LGBTQ people of all ages age groups and ethnic backgrounds just being themselves and expressing love. Many people viewing the live program started calling into the TV station wanting to know where to buy my song because they loved it so much. It was titled, “Come Out, Come Out” and is still played on radio stations to this day and I still do interviews about the making of the song. It has a “We Are The World” feel to it. By the way, that great iconic song was written many years after my song was written and was on the television program. Just saying.

    If you are interested then we must talk ASAP. Can you connect me with singing groups in Toronto that can perform my song? I have and can bring there the pop musical background track of the song to the conference. If you can connect me with people who would like to volunteer their musical talents and perform my song that would be awesome! Pop musicians can jam and play along to the track! We need musicians that play Base, Electric Guitar, Lead Electric Guitar, Drums, Piano, Latin Percussion, and Kettle Drums for a live jamming performance of my song. We can also record it there and play it at various times during the conference weekend to liven things up. The recorded song can then be also played on your web site and radio stations that weekend and in the future as well. 

    This would be a WIN/WIN for us all! Thank you.

    Mr. Nick Curto
    Phone: 917.701.9033
    185 East 85th St., Apt. 25A
    New York, NY 10028 US

  3. Hi,

    I had just sent a few minutes ago a request for housing and I do not know if it was received. Please let me know if it was or do I have to resend it.
    Many thanks.

    Nick Curto

  4. Hello!

    I am the Peace Studies Coordinator at Manchester University. We are a small university in Indiana, home of the first undergraduate Peace Studies program in the world, established 1948.

    I’m wondering if anyone has advice for bringing a group of 15 students to Toronto on a manageable budget.

    If anyone knows of a place (church, etc.) that might be willing to let us stay for free, that would be wonderful!

    Thank you in advance!

  5. Car pooling from DC/NY. A number of people will be sharing a car or van passing through the DC and NYC areas. If you need a ride, contact info AT worldbeyondwar dot org.

  6. carrington says:

    London Ontario, here.
    Is anyone from London registered for the conference willing to offer a ride there and or back.?
    Am able to give money towards gas.
    Also if anyone can suggest a decent, and reasonably priced place to stay.?

    • Hello,
      i just registered, live in London…am….hoping to hitch a ride, but if not will book a ticket from VIA Rail soon. i have access to a condo a short distance away. i plan on going on a Thurs. and returning on a Sun. You are welcome to stay at the condo. Did you have any luck finding a ride?

  7. Anyone carpooling from Ottawa?

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