Maya Evans

Maya first visited Afghanistan in December 2011 when she worked with the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers and Voices for Creative Non-Violence, she met other Afghan peace activists and visited refugee camps, human rights activists, NGOs, journalists and ordinary Afghans. On her return she spoke across the UK, as well as published an account with analysis about her trip. In December 2012 she returned in Afghanistan, leading the first UK peace delegation since the 2001 NATO invasion. lt was in fact an all-woman delegation who had formed Voices for Creative Non-Violence UK, and now campaign at both a grassroots and government level to support non-violent peace in Afghanistan. Maya Evans is a well-known and tireless activist for peace and government accountability. She was famously convicted in 2005 of the “serious crime” of reading aloud, at the London Cenotaph, the names of British soldiers killed in lraq.

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