Marching for the Land and Against Ongoing Colonization in Toronto

By World BEYOND War, September 28, 2023

On September 27, 2023, World BEYOND War Toronto chapter members joined over 6,000 people in Toronto, including five First Nations and many supporters, in marching powerfully across downtown.

The march was led by five First Nations from Northern Ontario who have formed a historic alliance to protect their lands and waters in the face of mounting encroachment on their territories by mining exploration companies enabled by the Ontario Government.

Earlier this year leaders from Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug (KI, or Big Trout Lake First Nation), Wapekeka, Neskantaga, Muskrat Dam and Asubpeeschoseewagong Anishinabek (Grassy Narrows) signed a Mutual Cooperation Agreement. These five First Nations are powerful leaders in the movement for Indigenous sovereignty and environmental justice. They have shown that together we can fight for justice against all odds and make real gains.

Canada is a country whose foundations and present are built on colonial war that has always served primarily one purpose–to remove Indigenous people from their land for resource extraction. This legacy is playing out right now via thousands of mining exploration licenses granted on Indigenous territory without their consent.

Aki Paamaachi Ikoo Ying Ganawaandata!

Protect the land that gives us life!

Kakanawedaamin Anishinabe Miinigowisiwin.

Take care of and keep the land!

The following slides, courtesy of the On Canada Project, share the context for Grassy Narrows, one of the five Indigenous Nations that came together under the historic Land Alliance. Grassy Narrows has suffered from devastating mercury poisoning and is dealing with that horrific legacy while now wrestling with the thousands of new mining claims being staked on their territory.

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