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David Swanson at Resource Center for Nonviolence, Santa Cruz

David Swanson at Resource Center for Nonviolence, October 12, 2018

David Swanson spoke at the Resource Center for Nonviolence in Santa Cruz, California on October 12, 2018, one month before Armistice Day and the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War. Swanson read his article “We Need a New Armistice Day”, which can be read in full here.

Here is a complete video of this event at the Resource Center for Nonviolence.

Here are several more videos from the same event.

Finally, here’s the text from another recent David Swanson appearance at Fellowship Hall in Berkeley, California on October 13, 2018: “Making the World Great For The First Time”.

#NoWar2019 Pathways to Peace conference in Limerick, Ireland October 5-6 2019

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