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soldier in russia-ukraine war

The Economic Consequences of the War, Why the Conflict in Ukraine Is a Disaster for the Poor of This Planet

The economic shock waves created by the war between Russia and Ukraine are already hurting Western economies and the pain will only increase. The slower growth, price hikes, and higher interest rates resulting from the efforts of central banks to tame inflation, as well as increased unemployment, will hurt people living in the West, particularly the poorest among them who spend a far larger proportion of their earnings on basic necessities like food and gas.

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Our Deeply Subconscious Magical Thinking

Most Americans wouldn’t believe these things can happen in the Land of the Free Press because it runs counter to a lifetime of received popular culture steeped in magical thinking. Wrenching free of that is psychologically painful, indeed impossible for some. Harsh realities await.

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A Sacred Duty

War is a crime against humanity; I am, therefore, determined not to support any kind of war, and to strive for the removal of all causes of war.

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