Barbara Wien


From the time she was 21, Barbara Wien has worked to stop human rights abuses, violence and war.  She has protected civilians from death squads using cutting-edge peacekeeping methods, and trained hundreds of Foreign Service officers, UN officials, humanitarian workers, police forces, soldiers, and grassroots leaders to de-escalate violence and armed conflicts.  She is the author of 22 articles, chapters, and books, including Peace and World Security Studies, a pioneering curriculum guide for university professors, now in its 7th edition.  She has designed and taught countless peace seminars and trainings in 58 countries to end war.  She is a nonviolence trainer, curriculum expert, educator, public speaker, scholar and mother of two.  She has led eight national nonprofit organizations, awarded grants from three funding agencies, catalyzed hundreds of degree programs in the study of peace, and taught at five universities. Wien organized jobs and safe streets for youth in her Harlem and D.C. neighborhoods.  She was recognized for her leadership and “moral courage” by four foundations and academic societies.

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