Banning Bombs and Ending Wars at Home and Abroad

By M. Flowers | June 6, 2017,
Reposted June 6, 2017 from Clearing the Fog Radio.

The United States is now in its 17th year of the “War on Terror” with no end in sight. President Trump is escalating aggression and tension in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan and is threatening Russia, Iran, North Korea and China. He wants to increase military spending by $54 billion while he cuts critical safety net programs. On top of that, militarization and the security state are growing within the United States. We discuss the impacts of living in an Empire Economy and the inherent racism with Joe Lombardo, co-coordinator of the United National Antiwar Coalition. UNAC is holding a national conference in Richmond, VA from June 16 to 18 called “Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad.” Then we speak with Alice Slater of Nuclear Age Peace Foundation about the United Nations treaty to ban nuclear weapons currently being negotiated.


Listen here:


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Joe Lombardo is the co-coordinator of the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC).  During the Vietnam era, Joe was a full time staff person for the Nation Peace Action Coalition, one of the 2 major antiwar coalitions of the time.  He has been a life-long activist in the labor movement and is a member of the Civil Service Employee’s Association (AFSCME Local 1000) and is a delegate to the Troy Area Labor Council in Upstate, NY.

Alice Slater is the New York Director of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, and serves on the Coordinating Committee of World Beyond War.


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