2020 List of Valid Nobel Peace Prize Nominations

From The Nobel Peace Prize Watch, February 2020

Letter submitted to the committee here
Media release here
See our NPPW guidelines for screening
The address for the full list is: http://www.nobelwill.org/index.html?tab=10

A. NEW nominations, 
(known /endorsed by NPPW for the first time in 2020):

The individual links to each of the valid nominations Full link Country
Kate Dewes/Rob Green http://www.nobelwill.org/Dewes_Green_2020.pdf New Zealand/UK
Madeleine Rees http://www.nobelwill.org/WILPF_Rees_Bolkovac2020.pdf UK
Cora Weiss http://www.nobelwill.org/Weiss2020.pdf USA
WILPF http://www.nobelwill.org/WILPF2020.pdf

B. Repeated earlier nominations 

The address for the full 2018 list is: http://www.nobelwill.org/index.html?tab=8
The Nobel Peace Prize Watch guidelines for screening nominations

The individual links to each of the valid nominations Full link Country
Ikuro Anzai http://www.nobelwill.org/SA9_Anzai_Schlichtmann2020.pdf
Article 9 Association http://www.nobelwill.org/Article92020.pdf Japan
Abolition 2000 http://www.nobelwill.org/several2020.pdf
international organization
Assange, Julian http://www.nobelwill.org/several2020.pdf
Benjamin, Medea http://www.nobelwill.org/several2020.pdf
Bolkovac, Kathryn http://www.nobelwill.org/WILPF_Rees_Bolkovac2020.pdf USA
Ellsberg, Daniel http://www.nobelwill.org/Ellsberg2020.pdf
Engle, Dawn http://www.nobelwill.org/several2020.pdf
Falk, Richard http://www.nobelwill.org/Falk2020.pdf
Ferencz, Benjamin http://www.nobelwill.org/Ferencz2020.pdf
Galtung, Johan http://www.nobelwill.org/Galtung2020.pdf
Global Zero http://www.nobelwill.org/several2020.pdf
international organization
Nihon Hidankyo http://www.nobelwill.org/several2020.pdf
IALANA (International Association of Lawyers against Nuclear Arms) http://www.nobelwill.org/IALANA2020.pdf
Berlin, New York, Colombo (Sri Lanka)
Juristen und Juristinnen gegen atomare, biologische und chemische Waffen http://www.nobelwill.org/IALANA2020.pdf
Kelly, Kathy http://www.nobelwill.org/several2020.pdf
Kent, Bruce http://www.nobelwill.org/several2020.pdf
Krieger, David http://www.nobelwill.org/Krieger2020.pdf
Kuyukov, Karipbek http://www.nobelwill.org/several2020.pdf
Manning, Chelsea http://www.nobelwill.org/several2020.pdf
USA (in prison)
Mayors for Peace http://www.nobelwill.org/several2020.pdf
international organization
Nazarbayev, Nursultan http://www.nobelwill.org/several2020.pdf
Nuclear Age Peace Foundation http://www.nobelwill.org/Krieger2020.pdf
Oberg, Jan http://www.nobelwill.org/Oberg2020.pdf
One billion Acts of Peace http://www.nobelwill.org/several2020.pdf
global campaign
Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament (PNND) http://www.nobelwill.org/several2020.pdf
Second Art. 9, SA9 http://www.nobelwill.org/SA9_Anzai_Schlichtmann2020.pdf
Klaus Schlichtmann http://www.nobelwill.org/SA9_Anzai_Schlichtmann2020.pdf
Germany /Japan,
Snowden, Edward Joseph http://www.nobelwill.org/Snowden2020.pdf
USA (in exile)
Suvanjieff, Ivan http://www.nobelwill.org/several2020.pdf
Swanson, David http://www.nobelwill.org/several2020.pdf
Weiss, Peter http://www.nobelwill.org/IALANA2020.pdf

TOTAL:  36 nominations

Nobel Peace Prize Watch, NPPW, sees openness and transparency as essential to protect against corruption and malpractice. The Norwegian Nobel Committee hides behind strict secrecy. An open selection process, with free and open discussion, in line with modern and democratic ideas, is indispensable to keep the awarders to Nobel´s actual intention. This is why NPPW decided to give encouragement and advice to qualified candidates and publish all known nominations, provided they:

1) are sent to the Norwegian Nobel Committee, <postmaster@nobel.no>,
2) in time, i.e. by January 31,
3) by a qualified nominator and
4) comply with the intention (will) of Alfred Nobel.
5 NPPW must have seen the nomination and been permitted to publish. The awarders have claimed that no one may publish information on their nominations, but the secrecy for 50 years applies only to the awarders, not to the public. The NPPW screening is the only screening based on the actual will of Alfred Nobel.

for screening nominations qualified to win the Nobel “prize for the champions of peace”:

While others, the committee, parliamentarians, peace researchers, even peace people base their views on a VERY wide understanding of «peace» (= they use the prize as they like) the NPPW list is based on studies of what counts under the law, what Nobel actually wanted.

The best, most direct, access to Nobel´s own understanding of the “champions of peace” he described in his will lies in his correspondence with Bertha von Suttner, the leading peace protagonist of the period. The letters deal with breaking the arms race-driving logic of the old saying: “If you wish peace, prepare for war” and how to make countries agree on this.

Thus the purpose of Nobel – to liberate all nations from weapons, warriors and wars – has been decisive in our screening. The prize is primarily meant to prevent wars, not resolve old conflicts. It is not a prize for good deeds, but for a basic reform of international relations.

Candidates that work for global co-operation on international law and disarmament directly are the primary winners – but also important work that indirectly serves to illustrate the imperative need for international demilitarization should be considered. But to deserve the Nobel prize activities should point beyond resolution of local situations.

At the time of Nobel many statesmen listened to the voices for peace and disarmament, today very few officials and politicians hold the peace view that Nobel wished to support. In our view the prize must keep up with the times and in today´s world belongs mainly to the grassroots, civil society, that contest the official culture of violence, not to leaders who just respond to political processes as they are supposed to in a democracy.

“I like to believe that people, in the long run, are going to do more to promote peace than our governments. Indeed, I think that people want peace so much that one of these days governments had better get out of the way and let them have it.” US President Dwight D. Eisenhower 1959

Alfred Nobel would have liked to see his committee think along the same lines.

Nobel Peace Prize Watch, Feb 2, 2016

13 Responses

  1. TRUMP alias Hitler 2º, un asesino estais locos????? pensaba que era fake…..es un homofobo, racista, claro la paz con Israel….es que es amigo……mientras mata de hambre a Cuba y en su pais a las personas de color…..UNA VERGUENZA

    1. Nunca leí tanta estupidez en un comentario Estudie más y deje de repetir parafernalias de los medios… Tan racista es Trump que ya propuso erradicar a los zurdos del KKK pelotuda

    2. Soy de México, yo despreciaba a este hombre pero sus contribuciónes son indudables, el no tiene capturado a Cuba ni a Venezuela, ha extendido la mano a miles de personas y a termidao con guerras que llevaban años como la de Siria

  2. The US is suffering under a grifter who, for some reason was nominated for the Peace Prize. Trump is a gaping black hole that constantly needs to be filled and each fill empties out faster and faster- the presidency, destroying Obama’s legacy, destabilizing the economy, falling in love with dictators, pulling out of anything Obama negotiated, starting a war on his own people …

    And now this … the nomination won’t feed his ego for long and he’s not a valid (appropriate) nominee based on the guidelines stated here based on his inability to promote democracy anywhere and if anything he’s done has stabilized the world and decreased the culture of violence (again, look in his back yard), it’s been entirely accidental.

  3. Om inte Trump får det så beror det enbart på att man ska vara politisk korrekt. Trump har gjort betydligt mer än tex Obamna. Fred mellan Israel och UAE, fred mellan Israel och Bahrain. Fred mellan kosovo och serbien etc.. SJÄVKLART SKA TRUMP HA PRISET!!

  4. Peace between Israel and UAE, peace between Israel and Bahrain? Believed impossible as long as the open sore of the ‘Palestine’ problem existed. A tremendous advance in the cause of peace. On a par with the peace between Israel and Egypt under Pres. Carter. CERTAINLY more worthy than Pres. Obama for doing…wait…what did he do again?Peace between Israel and UAE, peace between Israel and Bahrain? Believed impossible as long as the open sore of the ‘Palestine’ problem existed. A tremendous advance in the cause of peace. On a par with the peace between Israel and Egypt under Pres. Carter. CERTAINLY more worthy than Pres. Obama for doing…wait…what did he do again?

    1. Obama did not a damn thing for that prize, but a weapons deal between nations that were not at war with each other that makes no mention of the nations they are waging war on is not a peace agreement.

  5. Julian Assange looks to be the outstanding name in the final list. Persecuted for over a decade for his efforts in revealing war crimes. This is a time when freedom of the press is a major issue throughout the world.

  6. Quien tiene matando de hambre a Cuba hace 62 años es la dictadura cubana, es el Hitler de Fidel Castro, Raul Castro, Diaz Canel y el Partido Comunista de Cuba. Cuba es una dictadura para que usted se entere por si no lo sabe y si quiere pruebas vayase a vivir a Cuba 1 mes como el pueblo cubano y no ahora q estuvo Trump. El pueblo cubano se muere de hambre desde antes de Trump. Instruyase e investigue primero. Da penma ver personas q critiquen a Trump y a la verz se olviden de una dictadura cubanana horrible. Si critica a Trump tambien tenga el decoro de criticar a la dictadura mas cruel de la historia de latinoamerica q manda en Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia. Ningun respeto merece su comentario sobre Trump cuando Trump goberno en un pais en democracia como USA y al no ser reelegido terkino su mandato como se ha visto, me parece una hipocresia de nivel mayor compatrar con Hitler a Trump cuando sequeja de quer si mato de hambre a Cuba. A cuba la mata de hambre la dictadura y gente complice con sus comentarios. Verguernza da su comentario. Antifa tambien fue nominada y donde esta su comnetario en contra. Es todo una doble moral, una hipocresia. Abajo el comunismo y los Comunistas, Revolucionarios, Socialistas, sistema ideologico que deberia exterminarse de la faz de la tierra para siempre. Trump es un bebe de teta al lado de la dictadura cubana. Esrtudie mas la historia pq 4 años no han tenido que ver con el desastre que hay en Cuba.

  7. How did you get a list of nominees since they are not released for 50 years per the Noble Website.

    Where can I see a list of all of the nominees for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize?
    Contrary to common belief, there is no public list of the current year’s nominees. The complete list of eligible nominees for any given year is not disclosed for another 50 years – a restriction establised by the Nobel statutes in 1901.

    1. You can ask Nobel Peace Prize Watch which needless to say is aware of how it works and will tell you that they’ve made no claim whatsoever to knowing a complete list but simply commented on a certain selection of those they know about.

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