米政府はウィーン条約を破った — The US government has violated the Vienna Convention

By Joseph Essertier, Coordinator of Japan for a World BEYOND War, May 16, 2019

The US government has violated the Vienna Convention

Article 22 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations says that the premises of a diplomatic mission, such as an embassy, are inviolable and must not be entered by the host country except by permission of the head of the mission.

The police violated international law and invaded the Venezuelan Embassy. They ignored the warnings of the #EmbassyProtectionCollective. If war breaks out, it is America’s responsibility.

Regardless if the administration of Nicolás Maduro relied on his oil industry too much, or if the lives of the people were in an unstable condition, he won in the election of May 2018, receiving a full 68% of the vote. In spite of that result, Washington refuses to recognize the legitimacy of the election and demands that Guaido become the interim president. Guaido was hardly known by the people of Venezuela and was not even a candidate in the presidential election, but Trump aimed to make Guaido the president, and there was a failed coup attempt. These kinds of basic facts are not explained to the Japanese public by their journalists. Japanese journalists are doing the work of the US government. Where are the progressive journalists of Japan? Are they ignorant of South American politics? Why do they remain silent?!

Dozens of people from the Collective were inside the Embassy for about one month, but with supplies limited, and the possibility of being arrested (for doing something completely legal), they left the Embassy several days ago. In the end, 4 valiant people remained there. Two famous members among them are Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers. Mr. Zeese gave a lecture at the World BEYOND War Conference (“No War”) last year. His lecture had an impact on me. I gave a short speech about Henoko and Korea issues.

These Americans who protected the Embassy and who stayed there were invited there by the government of Venezuela. They have not broken any laws. By not protecting the Embassy and breaking in to it, Washington’s actions have led to a dangerous situation for Embassies around the world. It would not be strange if the government of Venezuela now entered the US Embassy in their country. It is not hard to imagine a chain of revenge that would lead to Russia fighting with the US in order to protect Venezuela, or even for a nuclear war to be ignited. One can easily imagine how dangerous the violence at the Venezuelan Embassy today could become.

With these concerns in mind, I think that Japanese who love peace should start to do something, whether that be protesting in front of (or near) the US Embassy in Tokyo, or gathering signatures and delivering petitions to the Embassy, or calling the Embassy and saying, “Hands off Venezuela! Protect the Embassy of Venezuela!”

This would be a wise approach. In other words, the way to protect the rights of Venezuela is to protest at US embassies the world over. The message is “Since the US government did not uphold international law and has now invaded the embassy of another country, embassies all over the world, including US embassies in each and every country, are now at risk of being invaded. An injury to one embassy is an injury to all embassies.”

The US is about to start a war. And they are causing trouble for those of you who are Japanese or Uchinanchuu (Okinawan). There are various things that we must study: about Venezuela, Iran, the Korean Peninsula, Syria, etc. It would be nice, if a consensus formed that it is no longer necessary to obey the US government, wouldn’t it? “If you are going to engage in imperialism as Nazi Germany did long ago, then you know what? We’re not cooperating with you.” Humanity already has experience with a country like the US today. We will not facilitate fascism once more.

The year 2019 is similar to the beginning of the nineteen teens and the beginning of the nineteen thirties, but unlike those periods, nuclear weapons exist in 2019. We must not have a world war again. Let us not open the door to hell but let us work hard for a future of peace and prosperity.







警官は国際法を破りベネズエラ大使館に侵入しました。#EmbassyProtectionCollective (エンバシー・プロテクション・コレクティブ=大使館を守る会 mobile.twitter.com/hashtag/EmbassyProtectionCollective)は一所懸命5週間頑張りましたが、米政府は#EmbassyProtectionCollectiveの注意を無視しました。もし戦争が始まった場合、アメリカの責任です。


ベネズエラ大使館の中に何十人もの人々が一ヶ月ぐらいいましたが、生活するための物資が不足し生活に困窮し、また投獄の危機もあったため多くの人々は数日前に大使館から出ることを選択しました。最後に4人の有志が大使館に残っていました。その中でもケビン・ジースさんとマーガレット・フラワーズ(Margaret Flowers)さんは有名なメンバーの2人です。ジースさんは、去年のワールドビヨンドウォー(World BEYOND War)のコンフェレンスで講演しました。私は彼の講演を聞き感動しました。そのコンフェレンスで辺野古や朝鮮半島の問題について短いスピーチをしたりしました。







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