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Let us know about any event you’re planning. We’ll list it on our events page, and in the calendar on the right side of this website. And we’ll email everyone on our list who lives in your area asking them to attend. We’ll also email your local media outlets if you’d like us to.

We are eager to help you hold a World Beyond War event anywhere you are in the world — or to help add to whatever event you have planned.

Check out the speakers in our speakers bureau. You may want to invite one or more of them to speak — in person or via live or recorded video. We can make something work!

Use the videos and ideas from our online study and action guide: Study War No More!

Organize a discussion group for this book.

Organize a real-world discussion among participants in an online course.

A No Foreign Bases conference was held in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S., on January 12-14, 2018. Here is a tiny fraction of the highlights in a one-hour video good for events.

Full videos here.

Numerous successful events have already been held that have screened some of our other recently recorded videos, such as these:

Ask us if you’d like to screen the film Scarred Lands. See also: Scarred Lands Film Clips and Scarred Lands Companion Shorts.

Feb 14, 2018 – Coming up on Valentine’s Day we’ll have a special treat for those who love our planet.   The makers of the film “The World Is My Country” will be giving World Beyond War supporters a free screening week (February 14-21) before the film is released on TV or in Theaters!  (See trailer at http://TheWorldIsMyCountry.com )  In early February we’ll let you know how to get your special code to watch this exciting film which Martin Sheen calls “a roadmap to a better future.”

We can also work with you to help prepare you to make a World Beyond War presentation yourself! Are you or would you like to be a public speaker? Contact us for assistance!

Speaking about ending war can be quite easy, informative, and entertaining if you use one of these power point or prezi slide presentations:

How to do a Penny Poll that lets people determine what they’d like the public budget to look like.

A PDF presentation on nuclear weapons thanks to Evan Knappenberger.

How to make peace dolls.

How an event can build a movement:
Use flyers, sign-up cards, sign-up sheets. You can let every person at your event sign the peace pledge and indicate how they’d like to be involved. You can use your sign-up sheets to build your local email list and to build World Beyond War’s — Just type the info in on the peace pledge page or into a spread sheet that you email to WBW, or photograph the sheets and email us that, or mail hardcopies to World Beyond War, PO Box 1484, Charlottesville VA 22902, USA.

How an event can raise funds for your local group and/or World Beyond War:
Wear sky blue scarves and bracelets. Contact WBW here about getting a supply of scarves and/or buttons and/or books to use for raising funds for WBW. And collect donations.

You can also buy a supply of shirts, stickers, cups, etc. and resell them at cost or for profit. More cool shirts and sweatshirts here.

Here’s a sign you can modify and use that offers people buttons, scarves, and books for various levels of donations.

Here’s a form for keeping track of people who need to have free books mailed to them by WBW.

Here are receipts for people who make donations to WBW and request a receipt.

Get in touch with WBW and we’ll help you plan your event.

These resources may be useful too:

Videos, Articles, Books, Etc.

The Resource Center.

Calendar of important peace holidays.

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  1. Dear co-workers in a global peace movement,

    can you please send a cup showing your logo to my
    address ? How much would I have to pay or can it be a gift ?
    Hans Peter Mortier
    -Information Bureau for Peace Work-
    Fichtenweg 1
    53340 Meckenheim

  2. Dear co-workers ia a global peace movement,
    cab you please send a cup showing your togo
    to my address? How much would I have to pay
    or can it be a gift as an exception?
    -Information Bureau for Peace Work
    Fichtenweg 1
    53340 Meckenheim / GERMANY

  3. Dear organizers
    I am planning an event for next Spring (2018) at Wake Forest University in Winston Salem.NC on “The Cost of War”. I would like to partner with World Beyond War to reach more people. We will present a piece by Composer Jeffrey Van of St. Paul MN. “Reaping the Whirlwind”: The Harvest of War, for orchestra and Choir. This will be a symposium that discusses the cost of war. We are planning on having speakers and working with the whole campus and community.
    Would you be interested in participating.
    Patricia Dixon
    Music Professor

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